Vultr launched a new package with 512MB Ram only $ 3.5

Yesterday after the Amazon Lightsail sale was posted on EasyPromoCode, Vultr immediately responded.

Vultr has the new package with 20GB SSD and 512Mb Ram

Vultr has launched a new package with the lowest price of Amazon Lightsail package, $ 3.5 with 512MB of RAM.

new vultr vps plan

This package has the same configuration as the $ 2.5 gods Vultr has long maintained, with the main purpose is to attract new customers, low prices to give users the opportunity to experience the VPS environment.

The only difference is that the new plan costs more than $ 1, which is IPv4. $ 2.5 IPv6 only package, currently not popular so users are not very salty. Personally, I rate this $ 2.5 plan as a failed strategy of Vultr.

Everything is now different, so now customers can freely register $ 3.5 plan in all locations, with parameters are quite good:

  • 20GB SSD
  • 1 CPU
  • 512MB Memory
  • 500GB Bandwidth

Certainly, customers will return to Vultr alone because of the overall price, CPU, RAM, hard drive, network, and stability.

What do you think about this new plan? Is it worth the money?

If you want to experience it, do not forget to use the latest Vultr coupons. The cheapest is to double the amount deposited into the account to $100.

Visit Vultr here.

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