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As you know, after registering at FatCow, customers are given access to the web hosting account. The company hosts users’ websites via the package they subscribed to for most of the inner workings of the site’s designing. Keep reading to know Fatcow login control panel & all involved information in the control of this control panel for managing the websites efficiently.

About FatCow

Fatcow login control panel

FatCow is a part of a web hosting business located in Boston & founded in 1998. Its goal of simplifying getting a small or medium company online. The business uses two data centers in the MA, Boston area. Then, Fatcow becomes an ideal choice for people who have visitors base is mainly North American. As you can see, the further your visitors are to the servers, the slower the response times they see. However, customers cannot pick their own data centers. Please do not forget when to choose any services offered by this business, simply apply Fatcow 30 OFF or Fatcow Black Friday to reduce the cost that you have to pay on each transaction. Just choose the best one that supports you the most since you cannot combine two or more deals/ offers on a purchase. 

Fatcow control panel basic requirement

To have access to the control panel, simply login to the FatCow account. The control panel concludes three main parts:

  • The Shortcut is above all the sections.
  • The Management Tools which create the bulk of the panel for subsections of the site such as the domain, account management, email. 
  • Monitors located vertically that is at the right side of the loaded page. 
  • You could check & alter mailboxes, the amount of bandwidth, and the usage of bandwidth from the Monitors section. 

Technical Support

In case you have any inquiries, requests, or comments, simply reach out to the customer support team 24/7 via live chat, mail, or phone. 

This company commits that: 

  • Welcome to you after you buy any hosting plan by making a call within 1 week 
  • Supply 24/7 support
  • Respond to your call less than one minute
  • Resolve the issue right after your initial contact/ set up a specific deadline by which FatCow will connect you again. 
  • Be courteous, friendly, and professional at all times
  • Adhere to the best training standards. That ensures you will be helped by knowledgeable staff for all Fatcow login control panel matters and more. 
  • Send users a follow-up survey to make sure if they were happy with the customer service experience as well as ask for improvement tips. 

In fact, a lot of web hosting vendors promise about top-notch customer service. But not all of them can do it. When coming to FatCow, you will have chances to experience good service. If this company does not meet that it promises, then it will compensate clients with an account credit as a month of hosting.

Fatcow login control panel & Account Management

The company partners with cPanel to provide the Fatcow control panel available to all the customers & partners. As you can see, cPanel could be used no matter the kind of hosting like dedicated, shared, and VPS

With the cPanel, customers  can do things such as:

  • Check on the site’s resource usage
  • Move files to the webserver using the FTP protocol
  • Manage the account’s email inboxes
  • Check the account’s billing details
  • Manage the domain names

vDeck Control Panel

Recently, the company has just changed the Fatcow login control panel. The business now uses the vDeck for the web hosting user interface that is a big upgrade more than the past version. Web hosting is not only just uploading a site built with the third-party software as the previous days. Hosting always plays in the marketing & management of the website. Thus, it is crucial that small businesses or other site owners must pick a web hosting with an easy-to-use control panel. 

In case you have never experienced a web hosting control panel, then you’ll be satisfied with the control panel with a user-friendly user interface.

Customers could get tasks done easily & with only several clicks in most cases. A great addition to the FatCow control panel is its menu tab at the top along with a drop-down list. 

Interface designers of FatCow care about users’ wish for a better navigation system. It is easy to use, even beginners could catch know the way the control panel works in a minute. 

In case you need more help, just go to the FAQs, tutorials, & Help documents are available on the control panel page. 

How to Use Fatcow login control panel

Shortcut part

Through the Shortcut part of the Fatcow control panel, You could do the basic actions consist of: 

  • Checking the traffic
  • Upgrading your hosting plan
  • Editing your website
  • Managing emails

Please take note that editing your website might involve the File Manager. Simply checking the traffic is testing the bandwidth as well as disk space. 


This enables users to monitor the basic hosting features of their options.

Disk space will give the amount of disk space available & used by customers’ websites. Please remember that bandwidth is the present traffic to the website. This traffic refers to the loading of the files and pages. In each of the subsections, there are two links offered namely “Details” and “Add More”.

  • “Add More” is a choice for users to raise the amount of space/ availability of that feature.
  • “Details” provides you with more data on the status of the particular feature.

Management Tools

You could do these things in the subsection of the control panel management. 

  • Ftp access
  • Cyber Message Book and Guest Book
  • Manage MySQL database
  • Accept credit cards
  • File manager
  • Shopsite starter

These above functions are the basics of the website. You could move, copy, or paste files & install or delete folders. 

Shopsite beginner could aid users in shopping more of developer tools for the websites. 

The email Management subsection contains house customers’ emails. Users could check the Email List Manager as well as have AutoResponders for emails involving the website.

You could add more domains as well as point those domains to the web hosting account through the Domain Management subsection. Just remember that in the account management, users could check: 

  • Update information of your credit card
  • Billing status
  • Change email address assigned to the web hosting account 
  • Payment overview

The Convenience

When using the vDesk control panel, the management of the control panel has been more convenient & easier. Its symbols are arranged thoroughly into main categories as well as subsections. Plus, there are  QuickStart panel, drop-down menus, a whole view of the main interface, and more. 

Way use Fatcow coupon codes

After you get discounts for the Fatcow 30 OFF or Fatcow login control panel deals, you need to know how to use them. Here is the guideline step by step:

  • Firstly, choose a code that supports you to save the best.
  • Secondly, just copy the coupon code that you have now
  • Thirdly, go to Fatcow.com and start shopping.
  • Fourthly, pick the option that you wish into the shopping basket.
  • Fifthly, paste the Fatcow review discount into the promo code box.
  • Finally, complete your transactions by filling in the information details & payment option.

Integrate Google Services into Fatcow login control panel

Fatcow control panel

Its Web Hosting also integrates Google Services for the site into a Fatcow control panel, enabling single sign-on access to Google solutions and tools from one location.

Google Services for Websites enables Web site managers to easily activate, install, as well as access the Google Web tools via a central location on the Fatcow login control panel

Each solution and tool within Google Services adds more value to a client’s site, helps the site better interaction with Google, and improves the user experience. 

The tools consist of: 

  • Custom Search & Site Search
  • Adsense for Search
  • Webmaster Tools

How to Install WP from the Fatcow control panel

In case you plan to utilize WordPress for a new site, then you need to know the way to install WP. The process of installing WP on a new domain name from the control panel is quite easy. There are only several steps you will have to take to receive it installed accurately on the new domain.

Install WP from cPanel

You will need to ensure that you have the great WP hosting for your demands. Not all hosting vendors are the same. FatCow WordPress Hosting is recommended since it supplies the best bang in your budget. When it comes to FatCow, customers could think about a provider which gives you all the resources and features to make sure that you could run a successful site with WP. 

You have to make sure that you have bought the domain name that you plan to use along with the hosting. Normally, when clients get hosting from FatCow, they will get a free domain name to utilize for a new website. Customers could get the hosting & domain name from FatCow for the cheapest possible price by using Fatcow Black Friday deals or Fatcow 30 OFF discounts. 

Install WP from vDeck

FatCow utilizes vDeck as the control panel for users’ hosting. Users could begin by logging into the hosting account with FatCow. After logging in, customers will be in the Fatcow login control panel. Clients can press one of two symbols within the vDeck control panel to install WP. The WP icon will take users directly to the installation site. 

After hitting the icon, clients are taken to the page that supplies them with an install button.

Please click through the “Install” button. Then, users will be taken to the page that gives them a selection to pick the domain that they wish to install WordPress on. 

Plus, clients could also receive to select a user name as well as a password from this screen. 

Simply check the “Show Advanced Options” box as well as you can fill in the information.

Customers could watch as WP is quickly installed on the new domain name after selecting the domain as well as filled in the rest of the information. 

You could shop for a theme for the site during waiting for WP to install. 

Installing WP in cPanel for VPS Users

Customers will have a different process to install WP for VPS hosting users. In general, customers need to login to the WHM admin area & then scroll down to Fatcow login control panel.

Now, hit the “Install cPAddons Site Software” term. 

Users have to check the choice for “Blogs” & “WordPress”, then click on the “Update cPAddon Config” button.

Now, clients need to access the cPanel again & access the “Software and Services” section and press the “Site Software” button.

This action will take customers to a page that lists all their installed addons. Hit the “WordPress” addon.

Set admin password, admin user, installation URL, blog name, email, blog description, and blog name. 

Customers should remove the word “wordpress” that is from the “add a subdomain” area/ they will end up with a URL with “/wordpress”. 

Ensure the MySQL DB choice as “Create New Database”  & press the “Install” term. It takes a little time & clients will be provided a link to go to the WP site along with the user password & name. 

Please take note that in case users could not find out how to log in, please add “/wp-admin” to the end of the URL. 

Last message

In general, Fatcow login control panel mainly comprised of vDesk. The control panel is similar to the engine which drives all features of users’ site. Through it, users can install/ download folders & content of the sites, check statistics on the performance of the site, and configure some settings on the notifications. To sum up, FatCow is considered one of the great hosting services that include a cPanel to download WP & other CMS. Its hosting solution is a high-quality international service. It guarantees users servers throughout the world. 

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