What is Bandwidth?

“Bandwidth” in English is bandwidth. This term can be interpreted as the maximum speed that can transfer information in 1 second. We often encounter the speed of fiber optic network, copy speed of usb … In this sense, Bandwidth is understood as Broadband.
In the field of website hosting, the term “bandwidth” is often used to describe the maximum amount of data that can be uploaded and downloaded between the website (or server) and the user in a unit of time. Usually months). In short, bandwidth is the only indication of the maximum amount of traffic that your website will be able to receive each month. In this sense, we understand bandwidth as the total traffic for one month.

BW – Bandwidth parameter On DirectAdmin is the total traffic sent + received data of the hosting account. It is counted for 1 hour of the day. To view the Bandwidth usage for the month, see the image below:
Another way of understanding Bandwidth is “Broadband”, ie the size of transmission. If Broadband has a high index, it can serve many people online at the same time quickly. But you should not worry too much about this either. Because the current server is at least 100Mbps. At this speed, you do not have to worry about website access is slow.

* 1 Another concept that we need to know is ” Bandwidth used “, ” Monthly Bandwidth Transfer ” is the amount of bandwidth used at the time of the test. It is 17.6 (GB) or 60.59 GB as the red area of ​​the image above.

* “Hack bandwidth” is the concept of your website / hosting / server use up too much bandwidth in an “abnormal” way. Oftentimes, when one of your images is illegally used by someone else (copied to their website), this will cause your image to load a lot of times in many places, causing BW resources to be consumed.

Going back to the bandwidth of the web site, we will understand that if the bandwidth is big, at the same time many people can access your web site. If the bandwidth is small (your bandwidth is small) then your web site becomes the village line, the visitor will have to give way to access.

Real example: If someone visits your website to see the ABC article, your ABC page is 200 KB, then you need to spend 200 KB to download the ABC page. On average, a user views 5 pages, you have to spend 1000 KB (~ 1MB) bandwidth, so if your hosting has 10 GB bandwidth (~ 10,000 MB) per month, Your can serve per month is 10,000 MB / 1MB = 10,000 people.

So you need to choose a service that has a greater bandwidth than the visitor bandwidth you plan to create, to prevent your website from being locked out of the bandwidth limits you have registered.

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