Bluehost discounts: a general look about the leading vendor in hosting providing at cheap price

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Bluehost was launched in 2003 and it has grown to be one of the world’s top providers of trust and cheap web hosting. The company supplies a vast array of products & services to support users get started with their website. It concentrates on meeting the digital marketing as well as training demands of small & medium businesses. Customers can find many Bluehost discounts, Black Friday codes, promo codes to cut off the cost that they have to pay when using solutions from this company.

FREE Domain

Bluehost is one of the top web hosting vendors at this time. It supplies customers with wonderful features such as: 

  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Unlimited web traffic & disk space
  • A free domain name for 1 year
  • Free SSD drives on all hosting plans
  • Easy WordPress 1-click installation
  • Free SSL certificate & Cloudflare CDN
  • New Bluerock control panel and built-in NGINX caching

As you can see, you could receive a free domain. After signing up for hosting at Bluehost, customers have chances to get a domain without fees. To get a free domain name with Bluehost, please go to Then choose a Web Hosting Plan & a domain name. Now, please create your account. Next, pick your billing terms as well as choose add-ons.

Plus, Bluehost discounts will support you to save a lot of money. For example, when using Bluehost Black Friday coupon, customers have chances to save up to 60% OFF at the checkout part.

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VPS hosting

Bluehost discounts

Under a Bluehost VPS web hosting package, customers are allocated specific measures of a server’s resources. It is suitable for users who have steady traffic coming in and they don’t want to invest in a dedicated server. Basically, VPS hosting supports to bridge the gap between shared web hosting & having a dedicated server. This is seen as Bluehost’s flagship service. More than that, it supplies some Bluehost discount coupons that help you to reduce the cost 

It is not difficult at all to start with VPS hosting. 

  • Select a hosting provider that you trust. Bluehost might be a great choice
  • Choose a perfect VPS hosting option that is suitable for your site. 
  • Sign up following the instructions. Apply Bluehost discounts to save more money.
  • Upgrade to more features & resources through the customer dashboard. 

Pros of Bluehost VPS Hosting Plans

  • It is could scalable 
  • Powerful Hosting with better Control
  • Clear Allocation of Resources
  • Provides Root Access

Cons of Bluehost VPS Hosting Plans

  • It is quite expensive
  • Need some degree of Technical Know-How
  • Resources Continue to be shared

Bluehost plus hosting

There are several web hosting options available to select from which comes with different features & resources. In general, Bluehost plus hosting and Prime are almost similar points except for free domain privacy as well as SiteBackup Pro. 

The major difference between Bluehost basic hosting & plus:

  • Basic: enable single domain & also limited storage
  • Plus: allows users to host unlimited storage, unlimited websites, & no bandwidth cap

Because of Bluehost discounts & promotions programs, customers might see price level fluctuations. That is why please visit its website to check the specific rates at a particular time point. 

Shared hosting

In a shared hosting option, vendors allocate a particular number of sites to a server that is based on the internal protocols. Normally, most start-up sites as well as new ventures do just OK with a shared hosting package. However, this does not happen unless you choose a reliable provider. So, the important thing here is to choose a company that you can trust to supply the service for your site. 

Bluehost is always one of the most relied-upon web hosting businesses and it is a part of EIG that is a famous conglomerate that has the right to access a multitude of resources. That explains the way this company manages to provide more blitz speed, storage, as well as, several other freebies. 

Advantages of Bluehost Shared Hosting Plans

  • Cheap & Pocket-Friendly for a newer or start-up
  • Do not require Technical Know-How in setting up as well as managing servers
  • Appropriate for Low Traffic Sites who don’t have usage issues and bandwidth 
  • No maintenance, administration, routine upgrades of software, servers/ backend is needed
  • Some monitoring & technical support is supplied by the vendor through Live chat
  • Simple to get started as well as test an idea quickly at the minimum investment of cost & time

Disadvantages of Bluehost Shared Hosting Plans

  • Low Performance. It could not take traffic beyond a certain cap
  • Less Secure as well as more prone to Hacking attacks
  • Unstable Speed. It depends on how many users are using at the same time as you
  • You cannot scale this hosting plan when your business expands
  • Non-transparent allocation of resources
  • Fewer selections of using software or frameworks

Even Bluehost shared hosting plans are quite cheap compared to other solutions, do not forget to use Bluehost promo code and discount to save even more. 

Bluehost WordPress install

Bluehost’s options will supply hosting, storage, bandwidth, and so on. Bluehost is a great host of WordPress and is now hosting over 850,000 WordPress sites. The company also comes with only one-click WordPress set-up.

Keep reading to know the way to sign up with Bluehost:

  • Step 1: Choose a hosting plan
  • Step 2: Create a new domain name
  • Step 3: Enter Bluehost account details
  • Step 4: Confirm hosting plan details
  • Step 5: Enter your payment details. Use Bluehost discounts to make more money off. 

Now, you need to know the Bluehost WordPress install process:

  • Step 1: Log in to Bluehost
  • Step 2: Enter your website info
  • Step 3: Choose your domain name
  • Step 4: Hit the “Next” section to install WordPress on Bluehost

Bluehost WP Hosting 

All Bluehost WP options include:

  • Unlimited Subdomains: simply organize the page in any way that makes sense to users. It is no limit on how many subdomains they can create.
  • Unlimited Websites: you could create as many sites as you wish WP Pro enables for unlimited WordPress installs & customization.
  • Unlimited Domains: users could point as multiple domains as they own to their WP Pro hosting account to give each website a unique domain.
  • Unlimited Web Storage: customers can nurture the growth of their blogs/ websites without being worried about hitting any limits on the size of data storage
  • Staging Environment: allows clients to test the website before publishing it live for everyone. 
  • No Traffic Limits: Bluehost will not slow customers down from reaching the goals. It will drive as much traffic to the websites as possible without any additional cost.
  • Cheap price: You could enjoy all the plans at reasonable rates. Besides, just use Bluehost discounts to make the most of every coin you spend. 

Dedicated hosting

A dedicated server is a remote server that is used by only one individual, application, or organization. That means a client does not need to share it with another application. 

There are four main reasons you might choose to invest in Bluehost dedicated server:

  • Stable & Predictable High Performance
  • Highest Level of Privacy
  • Ability to Configure the server any way you pick
  • Isolate Yourself from other users

However, please take note that dedicated server hosting provides the highest level of performance but at an expensive price. Do not worry too much! The company gives you some Bluehost discounts & promo codes to help you to save more coins. 

Reseller hosting

Bluehost coupon code

Bluehost reseller includes many great features such as:

  • Unlimited email addresses using the secure emailing platform
  • Unlimited domains & sub-domains
  • Free spam protection
  • Unlimited MySQL Databases
  • Free billing system
  • Private name servers

More than that, the reseller hosting of this company: 

  • Do not need to configure any software installed in the system
  • Supports three web-based email platforms
  • Could be accessible by using its intuitive webmail interface

BlueHost provides a wide range of reseller packages that could meet the reseller hosting needs of the consumers. All the Bluehost reseller option is equipped with a variety of necessary features like:

  • MySQL Databases & cPanels with no limit
  • Unlimited domains
  • Unlimited FTP accounts

You could receive access to multi-language support, billing systems, comprehensive spam protection, simple scripts, private name servers, & website builders. When buying any reseller hosting package from its website, please redeem Bluehost discounts & coupon codes to cut off the cost from the total bill. 

SEO tool

In general, the Bluehost SEO tools review is good. The company supplies multiple high-quality SEO tools. Customers could add SEO tools as an addon. It provides multiple features to analyze the clients’ websites. Especially, there are many Bluehost promo codes & discounts for SEO packages available for you to select.

Let’s take a look at each the SEO tool’s feature:

Search Engine Submission

Customers could submit their site to the search engines in only one click. This will submit the site to Bing, Google, & Yahoo. Please take note that each search engine takes its own time to rank a brand new site. 

Start Section

It is the place providing an overview of a website. This will give customers an SEO score for their pages. The end goal is to increase the score for better results.

Visitor Details

These features will give all the information about the visitor’s location as well as the traffic source. These details help you to have ideas about the way visitors are searching for your site.

Site Review

The site review section provides you with data about all the matters on your page. It is seen as a technical review for websites from the SEO tool. In case, you are lack of SSL certificate or something like that, you will be notified. 


The rankings tab brings an overview look of the ranking of customers pages. You could find the number of your site’s keywords ranked. 

Name servers

In case a customer bought the domain from Bluehost, then he/she could manage it online via your Domain Manager. Do not forget that any modification to the Bluehost name server could take up to 3 days to propagate.

With Rock Accounts, you could update the following the guides below:

  • Step 1: Log in to the Bluehost control panel
  • Step 2: Press the Domains tab that is from the side navigation menu to the left.
  • Step 3: Hit the triangle icon that is next to Manage
  • Step 4: Select DNS from the drop-down menu that appears
  • Step 4: Click the Edit button in the Name Servers section
  • Step 5: Pick the “Custom Nameservers” toggle
  • Step 6: Enter the nameservers for your account
  • Step 6: Press the “Save” button to save changes when completed

To update for Legacy Accounts, please keep reading: 

  • Step 1: Log into the Bluehost control panel.
  • Step 2: Hit the Domains tab 
  • Step 3: Press the “Zone Editor” from the sub-menu.
  • Step 4: Scroll down & choose the domain name that is from the list on the left. 
  • Step 5: Pick the “Name Servers” term that is on the right.
  • Step 6: Choose “Use Custom Name Servers”
  • Step 7: Enter your new name servers
  • Step 8: Hit “Save Name Server Settings” when have done.

By using Bluehost discounts, promo codes, and deals, you could maximize your savings when buying SEO tools from Bluehost.

SSL Certificates

SSL is known as the Secure Socket Layer protocol that is in charge of creating secure communication customers and servers. You associate SSL along with the padlock that is in the browser’s address bar after entering the secure area of a website. 

Bluehost SSL certificates give for free that are available via Let’s Encrypt, To use the SSL protocol with customers’ domains, the Bluehost server has to have a Private SSL Certificate that is installed specifically for their domain. It is possible in case the account owns a Dedicated IP address. For Pro/ Standard accounts, clients could only have one Dedicated IP as well as one SSL Certificate. 

For VPS, reseller, & dedicated accounts, clients could have many Dedicated IP and SSL Certificates as they can create lots of cPanels within their accounts.

Last message

All the information above has already provided you with a general look at Bluehost & its services available at the current time. Come back to the easypromocode site to update the newest Bluehost discounts as well as the other useful details through the latest writing. 

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