Bluehost transfer domain: How to transfer a domain name & FAQs

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Bluehost transfer domain

Bluehost Domain names

BlueHost provides you with great domain solutions in which you can get FREE Domain name for first-year along with FREE SSL Certificate included.  Each domain will include the following criteria for you to develop your website:

Easy Management

When it comes to the domain section of Bluehost, you can manage your site through a simple interface.  It is easy to use to manage your domain on all aspects and change DNS across multiple domains.


BlueHost will protect your domain from expiring and accidentally being lost thanks to auto-renewal. Let’s use this service to ensure that your website domain names are always protected.

Domain Lock

If you have got a perfect domain, you can lock it down to prevent unauthorized transfers. You can take Bluehost transfer domain any time when you unlock your domain. Bluehost domain name service will save your preferred name and keep secure when you are ready.  

Why Bluehost transfer domain?

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WordPress Made Easy

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24/7 Support

Customers can access BlueHost Support 24/7 with trained experts. Their team is always on hand to answer all your questions, comments, and requests. You can call, chat, and send an email at any time.

Money-back Guarantee

If you are not happy with Bluehost services, you can get a refund within 30 days of signing up. Whether you want to get Bluehost transfer domain or any package of Bluehost, let’s shop right now with great Bluehost domain coupons, discount codes, and other deals to get best cheap domain registration.

Built for Success

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How to transfer a domain name to Bluehost?

You can maintain your domain registration and hosting services with the same account to manage your website easily. How to transfer a domain name to Bluehost? Please follow the steps below to discover how to transfer your domain to Bluehost.

Bluehost transfer domain ownership


Before beginning Bludehost transfer domain processing, you need to verify a few components below:

Is your domain eligible for transfer?

Is your domain expired or needed to renew?

If you want to ready for transferring your domain, you need to update your domain setting with your current registrar. You can contact them to get support and check the following information to get Bluehost transfer domain smoothy.

Review Your Contact Information

Your contact information will include the following things: WHOIS database required by ICANN. Please make sure that all your information is correct because the registrar will use all your domain information to email critical information regarding the administrative contact. You should use a public email service like Gmail to control easily.

After that, you need to update all the registrant contact information like organization, name or email address for the top-level domain (gTLD). Let’s change your Registrant process before they save the new information. Each company will have its own process a bit different so that you check to see what you should do in this case.

Disable Privacy

Next, you need to do is disable domain privacy which helps your information will be protected by WHOIS database. When privacy is disabled, they can view the contact information on your domain’s WHOIS record and those the information from those emails will be transferred to a Privacy Protection inbox that no one can access.

Update your name Servers

It is time for you to update your name servers because Name servers direct the traffic for your domain to the host server. To minimize downtime during transfer, you will want to update your name servers during the transfer. Remember that you cannot make DNS changes while the transfer is in the progress so that do it right now.

The Bluehost transfer domain servers are:

The new update will take within 24-72 hours tom complete worldwide. The newest DNS setting will begin propagating as soon as you have your changes.

Unlock your domain

Now you need to unlock your domain and make it available for transfer. You can unlock your domain manually while other registrars will do it for you.

Get the EPP Code

Finally, you need the EPP code which is known as the Authorization or Auth code. In general, it is a unique password for the domain including letters, numbers, and special characters to authorize the transfer.

Initiate the BlueHost transfer domain

Now you can begin transfer your domain name:

Log into your Bluehost Domain Manger

Select transfer in the submenu at the top of page.

Enter the domain name that you can transfer to your account and hit on “continue” (without www when entering)

Bluehost transfer domain system will check the domain status to make sure that it is ready for the transfer or not.

*Note:  You cannot transfer won’t be approved if it is still locked. Let’s enter the EPP code and clicks continue.

When the verification mail was sent, the Admin Verification code will be updated. You get it to enter the code and clicks continue.

Here you will have the option to change your name servers, let’s select renewal preference and choose if you want to add domain privacy.

At this step, ICANN will require the gaining registrar to renew the domain for one year. You can get it in the shopping cart and go to the payment section to begin the transfer process.

Check the progress

In order to complete Bluehost transfer domain, it can take up to five days. You can check the progress by following the steps:

  • Log into your Bluehost Domain Manager
  • Click on the transfer button at the top of the page.
  • View your transfer in detail and click the link for more information.
  • Check your Domain Transfer Troubleshooting for more information

Remember to take advantage of Bluehost coupons, discount codes, promo codes, and deals to transfer a domain.

How to transfer a domain away from Bluehost

In some cases, you want to transfer a domain name away from Bluehost you can check the following steps but you should need to make sure that

Your domain will valid more than 15 days until the domain name’s expiration date.

You have registered your domain name for the first time more than 60 days ago.

You domain name may have extension that WebHostFace is able to register.

Now you need to complete the following steps to transfer a domain name from BlueHost.

Step1: Log into your BlueHost Control Panel

Step 2: Click on the Domain Manager Tab

Step 3: Highlight your domain by click the Domain name

Step 4: Unlock your domain on the LOCK tab

Step 5: Turn off Privacy Protection on the Privacy tab

Step 6: Get EPP Code

When you finish all the above steps, you can get Bluehost transfer domain name by the following steps:

  • Transfer your project to WebHostFace
  • Log into tour User Area
  • Visit the Domains Tab
  • Click on the transfers tab and enter your domain

After that, you will receive an email about the domain transfer and follow the mail to finish your transfer. Never forget our Bluehost promo codes, discount codes, and other offers to save the best on your online order and get Bluehost transfer domain ownership to develop your website.

Bluehost domain FAQs

Now you can discover some questions related to Bluehost domain in which you can understand more about Bluehost and its services.

Which domain names are available?

As you can see, there are tons of websites on the Internet so that the way you select a domain name is very important. Bluehost provides you with a wide array of domain extension including: .com, .club, .co, .space, .us, .me, .net and more. You can use domain extensions to express your brand in a vivid way. You also transfer your domain to Bluehost or get a domain away from Bluehost. Start transferring a domain and save better thanks to Bluehost coupon codes, discount codes, and other deals.

Why do I need a domain name?

Your domain name plays an important part to help you get a place on the internet. Not only it expresses your brand but also it helps visitors find your website online. You can boost your business with a good domain name. Moreover, it can help you get a higher rank on search engines with the help of SEO. Start a domain name at or transfer a domain at the cheapest price thanks to Bluehost coupons, Bluehost discount codes, and deals.

Is Domain Name privacy + Protection Worthy?

When you register a domain name, all your personal contact will be public with the WHOIS directory. In order to keep your information private, the way you choose Domain Name Privacy and Protection worthy which helps your website away from any harmful malware. Start a domain name right now at Bluehost to save better when it comes to our Bluehost promo codes, Bluehost coupons, and other special offers.

To Sum up

Bluehost transfer domain at a lower price when it comes to our Bluehost coupons, Bluehost promo codes, and other deals. Join now to take instant money off when transferring a domain to Bluehost and from Bluehost to other registrars.

Start savings right now and get more information about Bluehost transfer domain.