Fat Cow review: Are cheap solutions & tools really good? 

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FatCow is a domain registration & web hosting brand belonging to Endurance International. It supplies a full spectrum of web hosting services such as shared hosting, domains, and VPS servers with unique branding. The company has been around for a while. It started in 1998. Keep reading Fat Cow review writing to know more about general services offered and whether its solutions good or not. 

Fatcow customer service

FatCow owns an extensive online support center & a ticketing system, as well as, detailed tutorials for knowing the way to use the account. The business provides 24/7 phone, Twitter, email support, call, & chat. The customer support team is ready to listen to clients all the time with any issues involving Fatcow customer service

Fatcow mail

E-commerce Selections

Fat Cow review

If a client is a beginner & he/she still has not any e-commerce hosting plan, you need to combine the store’s site through add-on features such as: 

  • ShopSite Shopping Cart
  • PaymentSphere
  • SSL Certificates
  • Ecwid E-commerce
  • Dobo


FatCow owns two data centers that are based near Massachusetts & Boston. The centers are equipped with 24/7 security & have redundant power sources. Shoppers can find daily backups along with all the Fatcow plans but clients need to pay a fee to restore those backups. 

If a customer wants to manage backups, just add on Backup & Restore to protect the site. Read more Fat Cow reviews or reach out to the customer support team in case you need any help. 

Control Panel

There are two plans here which are WordPress Hosting & Original FatCow. They use a custom control panel, large icons, and a navigation bar. Look at the list below to know some main features:

  • See the disk usage
  • Use the Website Builder
  • Access the Fatcow mail as well as all email related tools
  • Register domain names

Login control panel

New Control Panel Beta

The business introduces the new Beta Control Panel. You could enroll in its beta and begin enjoying the enhancements and so on. Clients could access any solution/ tool within the account along with just a single click. 

Why is a client unable to login into his/ her account?

Having access to the Dashboard is crucial because it gives him/her full control of the domain as well as website presence. 

If your Fatcow login control panel has problems involving Dashboard, it might come from these reasons below:

  • IP Blocked: a client holds up to five attempts to try his/her password within 5 minutes. In case he/she fails a 6th time within five minutes, then the account will be going to be locked for three hours. Now, users will be presented with the choice to reset the password. After the password is reset, the system will remove the IP Block.
  • Billing Suspension: in case you have not finished all the fees, the account will be disabled. 
  • Incorrect Credentials: you might type incorrect login credentials. Please double-check to ensure you are filling in the correct user name/ domain name as well as password, & see in case the caps lock is turned on by accident. Normally, you might get this error message once you are typing inaccurate data.
  • Billing Issue: If a customer happens to meet chargeback or PayPal disputes, then his/her account being suspended.

You could read more Fat Cow reviews to know more about details involving this matter or make a call to the support team to be assisted. 

Fat Cow webmail

Its powerful web-based mail solution. Simply checks the email from anywhere. You could manage the account through the start page overview.

Once logging into the email account, just view a summary via this page to check tasks, new messages, recent logins, and calendar entries. 

Here are several main benefits:

  • Customize interface, browse emails, & search features.
  • View a list of messages & simultaneously read message summaries through the message list & preview pop-up window.
  • You could locate the messages with the customizable HTML interface. Plus, the Fatcow plans also provide folders & message sorting that helps you could increase efficiency further. 
  • Schedule your day: do not forget to manage the time by using the built-in Scheduler in WebMail. Just remind yourself of crucial telephone calls, meetings, dates, & other notes. Follow appointments & tasks through your email account. Plus, post tasks to other users as well as groups in the system.
  • Administer many mail accounts: some people own more than one email account, then with WebMail clients can use multiple accounts from the same browser window. Fat Cow webmail could read all the numbers of external email accounts. This creates central access to email accounts.
  • Address Book function & group address: simply go to the address book to add your contact information. All the entries could be browsed, deleted, and modified via WebMail’s interface. Customers could compose new messages as well as address emails to people stored in the address book. You could share the contacts with others through the WebMail Group Address book. Start to create shared address book groups & email folders to support clients who organize the contact email addresses. Plus, WebMail also supplies access to Internet directories that utilize Lightweight Directory Access Protocol. 

Collect Fatcow coupon codes

There are many sources to update the latest Fat Cow hosting codes:
Leave your mail on Fatcow’s system to know all the information about Fatcow customer service news, promotions, new packages, and more. Then, these emails will be sent to you weekly.
Find the active deals by searching on the Internet
Click on each package to find particular coupons and discounts after accessing the website of this company,
Find and save the latest promo codes by going to easypromocode.com

Use Fatcow coupon codes

After you get discounts for the Fat Cow hosting coupon, you need to know how to use them. Here is the guideline step by step:

  • Firstly, collect a code that you want
  • Secondly, copy the offer that you own now
  • Thirdly, go to Fatcow.com and start shopping.
  • Fourthly, get the choice that you want into the virtual basket.
  • Fifthly, paste the Fat Cow review offer into the promo code box.
  • Finally, complete the order by entering the personal details as well as payment.

Fat Cow Review

Fat Cow hosting


Short-term Pricing And Plan Structure

One of the outstanding FatCow’s primary advantages is the short-term pricing as well as plan structure. In case clients register for a year, they are likely to receive a heavily discounted rate level for the first year. More than that, following trusted Fatcow hosting reviews, the business doesn’t have pricing tiers.

The company has a single web hosting package with unlimited everything. This is crucial since looking at pricing options across different hosting vendors could be confusing.

Web hosting businesses supply different options with different renewal prices, different caps, and different perks. Core hosting features are disk space, domains, and databases. The main purpose of a hosting server is to serve site files when people type in your domain name.

  • Disk space: the number of files clients could put on their servers including PDFs, images, and text 
  • Domains: the number of domain names a customer can point to his/her hosting account. In case you wish for multiple websites, you will need to have multiple domains. 
  • Databases: pieces of site software consumers can run on their hosting servers. 

When using FatCow services, you will enjoy the simple experience. The company makes all the things simply since it only has one shared hosting package. Fat Cow review involving hosting solution is generally good. The “Original FatCow Plan” usually starts at a discounted introductory rate of $49 per year although this plan renews at up to $179.40/ year after.

That option includes:

  • Databases, unlimited domains, & disk space
  • Plenty of bonus features such as a free domain name, unlimited emails, & ad credits

In case you have a very tight budget & want short-term hosting for no more than $50/year – FatCow is the best choice. 

Simple Backend

When signing up for hosting, clients usually go to an account dashboard in order to manage any add-ons, the Fatcow plans, and products. Users also get access to their actual server’s backend that they can install the software as well as get server details for whatever they need it for. Normally, the server’s backend will provide a vast array of auto-installers that install common software such as WordPress for you. Please take note that hosting vendors approaches each of these three areas differently. Of course, the backends of hosting businesses could vary widely. Many Fat Cow reviews mention its custom backend. Basically, it does not utilize the industry-standard cPanel. In case you are a beginner/ have very basic demands from a hosting backend, FatCow’s is quite straightforward and simple.

Product Simplicity 

Involving simple pricing is FatCow’s product & stability focus. Plus, FatCow offers some other interesting additional features that are a pro in aggregate.


FatCow Hosting has several disadvantages. Here are the popular cons when using Fat Cow hosting

Long-term Pricing & WP Plan Structure

FatCow offers short-term pricing as well as a simple option structure. That is why the Original FatCow Option renews at up to $179.40/ year if clients renew for a year.

Whatever customers renew at, the pricing is higher than direct competitors. Let’s make a comparison! HostGator offers a renewable for $6.95 in a month when registering for three years & $8.95 when renewing for a year. To sum up, FatCow supplies more expensive than most other competitors if consumers are choosing a long-term host.

Next, the business recently launched some WP Hosting Options. All the things that FatCow committees in the WP plans are not something it could really promise. To make it clearer, the company promises to “pre-install plugins.” Normally, plugins in WP require three clicks to install. And of course, the ones the business pre-install aren’t the greatest ones. The Fatcow plans for WordPress is that the WP Starter Option is actually lower than its Original FatCow package. 

Performance & Allocations 

FatCow isn’t really bad, however, it isn’t great either. But the company has also improved in the past year. Just looking at FatCow’s server information in most of Fat Cow reviews, you will see the business seems not to invest much in resources. The allocated memory is always lower than many competitors in the market. 

Confusing Upsells

Involving WP services is the theme of general upsells. The company could also be not good when it confuses clients & devalue the actual product. 

Fatcow supplies upsell at the checkout as well as in the backend. The main thing is these parts overlap with key features instead of complementing the services

Custom Backend

In general, FatCow has a simple & straightforward backend. But it’s also known as a custom backend. That means if clients are looking for advanced functionality/ are already used to cPanel at a past host, then you will find FatCow’s backend to be not comfortable. 

Last message

FatCow has made its name with a particular focus on starter and DIY website owners. Like most shared hosting vendors, FatCow also supplies a website builder, email, & various complementary solutions to web hosting with a 30-day money-back guarantee & 24-hour support. Hope Fat Cow review writing is useful for you when deciding whether to use the services of this company or not. 

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