Bluehost shared hosting: Is a good option for customers?

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In case customers are confused about selecting Bluehost Hosting or not, just keep reading our writing below. When it comes to creating a profitable online website or a blog, web hosting has an important role. It affects both your site speed and search rankings. That’s why choosing a trusted hosting provider is so crucial. And as you can see, Bluehost is known as one of the most popular web hosting vendors in the world. It is owned by the Endurance International Group. This company provides reliable hosting selections for millions of bloggers worldwide. Plus, clients will find out many Discounts for Bluehost shared hosting, Bluehost web hosting code, Upgrade Bluehost plan, and deals to make more money off during the transactions. 

What is Shared Hosting?

Bluehost shared hosting

Shared Hosting is the most popular and affordable kind of website hosting.  In a shared hosting option, the web hosting businesses allocate multiple websites to a server that is based on the internal protocols. Many users will share with each other the resources of a secured server. Just imagine Shared Hosting is like having roommates and you are not sure the number of users will share the room with you. If clients use the solutions provided by a reputed web hosting company, most start-up sites & new ventures do fine with a shared hosting option. 

Bluehost Shared Hosting 

Let’s look at below to see the advantages and disadvantages of Shared Hosting provided Bluehost


  • Low rates and it is suitable for newbies. Especially, you could use many coupons for shared hosting, Bluehost web hosting, Upgrade Bluehost plan, and deals to make more money off. 
  • Provides you with $200 as marketing offers. So, you have chances to get free ad credits with Yahoo, Google AdWords, and more.
  • Only one click and you could installation by yourself. 
  • Great for sites that have a basic amount of traffic
  • Free domain for a year
  • No routine upgrades, administration, maintenance of software or backend or servers is needed
  • 24/7 toll-free number for client service 
  • Free SSL certificates even with all the plans
  • Gives customers a 30-day money-back guarantee
  • CGI-BIN, PostgreSQL, PHP, Python, Ruby, Perl on Rails, and so on
  • Gives users access to a vast array of databases like MySQL
  • A few monitoring & technical help is supplied by the vendor through Live chat
  • Simple to get began, use and throw in case found not suitable, test an idea quickly at the least investment of cost & time
  • It gives a great easy to use user interface where customers could find a ton of features


  • Low Performance
  • The minimum 1-year hosting contract required. It doesn’t supply you with any monthly hosting plans.
  • Your site could not take traffic beyond a certain cap
  • Unreliable Speed. It happens sometimes since you share it with others. So, maybe it works or maybe not. It depends on who else is using the same server & how much resources they are consuming.
  • You have to deal with troubles when scaling your business in case still using the Bluehost shared hosting plan.
  • Non-transparent allocation of resources. That means a customer doesn’t know how much server resources or RAM are offered to his/her website.
  • Fewer selections for using software & frameworks. Clients are limited to their choices of software or frameworks which your web hosting company offers.

Which Bluehost Shared Hosting Plans You Should Pick?

There are four different shared hosting packages that are suitable for your needs. Take a look!


  • Free SSL Certificate, 5 Parked Domains, 1 Included Domain, 1 Website, 25 Subdomains
  • 50 GB SSD Storage, Standard Performance, Unmetered Bandwidth, 
  • Only $2.95/month (do not forget to apply promo codes for shared hosting, Bluehost web hosting code, and Bluehost hosting deal to get even better rates)


  • Unlimited Websites, 1 Microsoft 365 Mailbox – Free 30 Days, Unlimited SSD Storage, Free SSL Certificate, Unmetered Bandwidth
  • Standard Performance, Unlimited Parked Domains, Spam Experts, Unlimited Subdomains, Unlimited Domains
  • $5.45/month

Choice Plus

  • Unlimited Websites, 1 Microsoft 365 Mailbox – Free 30 Days, Unlimited SSD Storage Site Backup – CodeGuard Basic
  • Unmetered Bandwidth, Free SSL Certificate, Unlimited Domains, Standard Performance
  • Unlimited Parked Domains, Domain Privacy + Protection, Unlimited Subdomains, Spam Experts
  • $5.45/month


  • Unlimited Websites, 1 Microsoft 365 Mailbox – Free 30 Days, Unlimited SSD Storage, 2 Spam Experts
  • Unmetered Bandwidth, Free SSL Certificate, Site Backup – CodeGuard Basic, High Performance 
  • Unlimited Domains, Domain Privacy + Protection, Unlimited Parked Domains, Dedicated IP, Unlimited Subdomains
  • $13.95/month

Bluehost uptime

Uptime is defined as the amount of time a website is online & accessible to the public. Uptime is always important when evaluating a good hosting vendor. In case customers’ web hosting service gives them 100% uptime which means their site will be running without any interruption from the server-side. However, no vendor could make sure to provide you with 100% uptime since server and network uptime depends on a lot of elements such as Hard-drive failure, File corruption, The amount of traffic to your websites, Hardware failure, and more. Bluehost is one of the top hosting providers nowadays and it gives clients a 99.99% uptime guarantee. The good thing is Bluehost ensures you to handle all the issues involving downtime within 15 minutes or less. All the Bluehost shared hosting plans are always ensure the uptime for your sites almost absolutely. 

Bluehost control panel

Bluehost has a great control panel. This company provides users with a 1-click WordPress installer which allows them to install WordPress in under 5 minutes with only a click. It gives customers access to multiple site scripts including WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, and more other below things:

  • Website building tools
  • Marketing tools 
  • Email management tools

Users get access to solutions and tools like files & domains. That’s why they could easily manage the things below from your Bluehost control panel:

  • Site backups
  • FTP manager and so on
  • File management
  • Domain manager
  • Cloudflare
  • Domain privacy

The customer support from Bluehost

Bluehost gives you these below contact methods:

  • Ticketing system
  • 24/7 Live Chat
  • Email support
  • Phone call: toll- free for both international and US clients)

Besides, customers could get access to the knowledge base of this company and find many articles & video tutorials about using Bluehost services. Its solutions and tools are considered as much faster compared to other hosting vendors such as HostGator. In general, clients could start a live chat on its website & are supported under 5 minutes. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Tell me about the different types of hosting does this company offer.

Bluehost web hosting

It currently provides you the following kinds of hosting:

  • WooCommerce hosting
  • Shared hosting
  • Cloud hosting
  • VPS hosting
  • Optimized WordPress hosting
  • Dedicated hosting

And do not think too much about the price level since there are many Bluehost discounts for you to choose.

Which choice fits your needs: Bluehost VPS or Shared Hosting?

Users should select the Bluehost Shared Hosting option when:

  • Start a website and you are a newbie. In this case, your site has low traffic so all you need is a shared hosting package. 
  • Your site has basic features & the daily traffic is not over 500 visitors. In this case, your site has low traffic so all you need is a shared hosting package. Also, bandwidth isn’t going to be a concern for most websites in the initial stages. 
  • You have a limited budget and cannot afford to hire professional experts to build and manage the site. 

On the other hand, users should pick Bluehost VPS Hosting Plan in case:

  • Want to improve user experience by increasing the speed & performance of your website/ application
  • The website’s popularity is rising quickly & the traffic could increase in the next short time. 
  • You own a mid-sized e-store on your site and the traffic is rising at a rapid pace. 
  • Intend to launch an ad campaign that might boost your traffic and you do not want your site will be slow down in that situation. 
  • The site/ application is slowed down because of an increase in traffic. Plus, you will not invest in a dedicated server to manage the crisis.
  • Your site is an e-commerce page or information portal. So it is visited by many users daily. 
  • The page load time & bounce rate rise considerably

How to get Bluehost promo codes?

There are many sources to update the latest Bluehost shared hosting coupon codes and deals:

  • Leave your mail on Bluehost’s system to know all the information about promotions, new packages, and more. Then, these emails will be sent to you weekly.
  • Find the active Bluehost coupons and offer by searching on the Internet
  • Access the website of this company, click on each package to find particular coupons and discounts
  • Go to to find and save the latest promo codes and coupon codes because we will mention the discount list regularly through our new reviews and articles.

What about Bluehost shared hosting environment?

All customers suppose the security is the number one reason before deciding to choose the web hosting vendor. Bluehost provides shoppers with excellent security features to protect their sites from hackers and other risks. 

Domain privacy is included

By using Bluehost shared hosting, clients could easily prevent identity spam, theft, and phishing attacks through hiding the personal data associated with the domain name. Of course, it uses a unique feature called “Domain Privacy”.

Powerful access control

It supplies you with excellent access controls to choose unique passwords that support to restrict access to different areas in an account. So, customers could easily create a password for billing as well as ownership information & another one for dedicated server access and cPanel. Furthermore, clients could create a master password that applies to the entire account from your Bluehost control panel.

SiteLock is enabled

It is a cloud-based security tool that scans the website carefully for malware &  vulnerabilities. Then, you could instantly fix as well as act upon your website security threats. It supplies you with free access to SiteLock feature that helps to:

  • Detect security-related threats such as malware
  • Repair problems/ security risks it encounters on the web hosting space.

Free SSL certificates

Secure Sockets Layer is known as a security protocol that offers the encryption & you could turn the website URL version, for example from the “http” to “https” version. This company is now providing free SSL certificates with Bluehost shared hosting plans to give encrypted, secure communications for a website & an internet browser.

How to use Bluehost coupon codes?

After you get discounts for shared hosting, you need to know how to use them. Please take a glance at the instructions below to redeem your code:

  • Firstly, select a Bluehost promo code that helps you to save the most.
  • Secondly, just copy the coupon code that you have now
  • Thirdly, go to and start shopping.
  • Fourthly, choose the package that you want into the shopping basket.
  • Fifthly, enter your Bluehost discount code to the coupon box.
  • Finally, fill in your information and find the payment part to complete your purchases.

Last message

To sum up, Bluehost is one of the good choices when you want to use Bluehost Shared hosting. The quality is great and the customer support service is quite okay. Moreover, the price level is a plus point since it is quite low when compared with others on the market. Besides, customers could take advantage of discounts for web hosting, the Upgrade Bluehost plan, and more to save the best. 

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