1and1 Transfer Domain: How to transfer a domain name & FAQs

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1and1 was founded in 1988 with the aim of providing great service of the domain and hosting services. You can register a domain right now or get 1and1 transfer domain at the cheapest price thanks to 1and1 domain coupon, 1and1 99 cent domain, and 1and1 99 promo codes. Keep reading our article to discover more information about how to transfer a domain with 1and1.

1and1 domain coupon

The benefits of IONOS domain name

Are you ready to register a domain name with 1and1? You can take the following benefits for 1and1 transfer domain and save better with our 1and1 promo codes, 1and1 99 cent domain, and other discount codes on your online order.

Professional email address

You can connect with 2GB of mailbox space to start and upgrade anytime for more space.


With reliable protection of your website to increase your ranking on Google with SSL Certificate is included per contract.

10,000 subdomains

Enjoy up to 10,000 subdomains to customize and structure your website.

Easy setup

It is easy for you to connect your domain with email, hosting, or social media profiles.

Domain lock

The 1and1 transfer domain locks to make sure that your domain cannot be transferred by unauthorized third parties.

24/7 customer support

You can connect with the 1and1 support team 24/7 to help you solve all your problems anytime you need it.

Why 1and1 transfer domain?

1and1 is a great choice for small and medium-sized businesses and you also select 1and1 as best cheap domain registration because of the following reasons:

A reliable domain registration

They have more than 30 years of experience in offering state-of-the-art technology with a focus on reliability. All data centers were certified ISO 27001 with the best performance and geo-redundancy. Moreover, you can find here powerful products to offer all you need to develop your website. If you are going to choose 1and1 transfer domain for your website, you can transfer right now at a lower price thanks to 1and1 domain coupon, 1and1 99 cent domain, and other promo codes on your online orders.

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Great Custome Service

You can get a dedicated personal consultant whenever you need and they will be at your side to support you on your journey.

You can get support and advice from local support teams via phone, email or chat 24/7/365

You can explore more information through frequently asked questions or browse through the guides of the store on 1and1 transfer domain or other products you care about.

Fairness and Transparency

All information on package, products, and price will be shown on screen before you order.

Don’t worry about the contract because you get risk-free contracts in which you will provide you with a refund in the first 30 days if you are not happy with your order.

Full flexible and easy cancelation to suit your persona needs of 1and1 transfer domain and other coupons, promo codes, and other deals.

A stress-free experience

When it comes to IONOS, domain transfers give customers a stress-free experience and you will have more time to focus on other important aspects of your online presence.  With only steps away you can complete your process.

Backup all the data

Request your authorization code between 6 and 32 digits.

Type your domain name in the search box

Enter your authorization code

Follow the registration steps and confirm your domain transfer.

How to transfer a domain to 1and1?

1and1 transfer domain

Would you like to get 1and1 transfer domain? But you don’t know how to transfer a domain to 1and1 registration? Please follow the steps to transfer your domain and save the best on each online order thanks to our 1and1 domain coupon, 1and1 99 cent domain, 1and1 promo codes and other discount codes on your order.

Prepare the Domain Transfer

In order to transfer a domain to IONOS, you need to have a good preparation for your order.

Access the authorization code which depends on the domain extension (.com, .org, etc.) and other requirements of the registrations.

Get prerequisites for a successful domain transfer

Prepare your domain transfer with another provider and authorization code.

After selecting a provider, you can start your transferring.

Start the domain transferring with IONOS

Log into your account and select the following section:

Click on the domain page

Select Transfer domain to IONOS

Choose the contract that you want to transfer your domain

Completing steps

Enter your domain name and then click Transfer

In the Authorization section, please enter authorization code for your domain

Adjust the DNS settings for your domain

Check the box and choose “Yes, I’m authorized to initiate the transfer of registrar

Click Move Domain

Complete your transfer by clicking “Order Now”

*Note: at the checkout step, remember to use our 1and1 transfer domain coupons and other discount codes on your order to save better.

How to transfer a domain name away 1and1?

If you want to transfer a domain name away from 1and1, keep your scrolling down to discover more.


Please remember that certain domains must be registered under your name at least 60 days before you want to transfer to another registrar. It is required by the ICANN directive and applies to all providers.

Disabling Private Registration

You need to disable it on IONOS’s end before starting a domain transfer.

Check if private registration is enabled for your domain section of Privacy & Contact Details page

Select your domain

Disable the Transfer Lock

Due to the security section, you must disable the transfer lock of your domain:

Check your domain transfer lock is enabled for your domain from the Renewal and Transfer page

Select your domain

Select Domain transfer Lock option

Authorization code

In this step, you need to approve the domain transfer with a new provider

The authorization code may be found in the Domains section of Renewal & Transfer page

Select your domain

Click on “Show Authorization Code”

Your authorization code will be requested from the registration authority and it takes several minutes for your code to be displayed.

And now you can start 1and1 transfer domain to another provider and never let huge savings with 1and1 promo codes, 1and1 coupons, and other special deals on your order. Join now to see differences.

Ionos transfer domain FAQs

To get extra information about IONOS transferring a domain name, you can check the questions listed below. Thanks to these questions, you also give your final decision of transferring your domain better.

What is a domain transfer?

When you start a website, you need a domain to define your site and it is located in the address car of your browser. Each domain will be registered by a registrar or a provider with ICANN for small fee. Anyone can own a domain name for their website from large enterprises, medium-sized businesses and even individuals for personal projects.

For some reasons, you want to switch your domain name to another provider for better value, this is domain transfer.

What do I need to transfer a domain name?

The processes of transferring a domain from 1and1 transfer domain are in fact a quick and easy process.  

Firstly, we need from you is the authorization code from current provider and the current email address.

Double check that you still can access to your secure email account or not

You should backup all your content with your existing domain

You can get the instructions from 1and1 to transfer your domain and it takes between from 5 to 7 days.

During the checkout step, you can take avail of other coupons, promo codes and deals of the store.

Does IONOS offer Free domain transfer?

It is the fact that the actual domain transfer process itself is free. You don’t need to pay any additional costs for moving your domain with 1and1 transfer domain however you need to register with an additional full year for your domain so that you should follow the above steps to make things quick and easy for you.

All you need to do is get authorization code from the current provider, check your attached email address, and then we can begin the process.

Moreover, you can save better on each online order thanks to our 1and1 domain coupon, 1and1 promo codes, and other discount codes on your order.

How long does it take transfer domain name to 1and1?

Transferring a domain name is a quick process. When you get authorization code from the current provider and check your domain name from the IONOS provider, the process is only within minutes.

When you completed the domain transfer checkout, you can begin the process within 5 and 7 days. Get ready 1and1 transfer domain and never let your budget stop when placing an order online via 1and1 coupons, 1and1 promo codes, and other deals.

Can I transfer.Com domain to IONOS?

Yes, of course. They accept all types of domains from .com, .me, .store, and more. When it comes to1and1, they will help you all to deal with domain transfer so that you can get transfer quickly and easily. Moreover, you also provide you with a wide selection of TLDs and you can rebrand your domain name easily. Never let your budget stop on each online order thanks to

1and1 domain coupon and other promo codes and deals of the store.

To Sum Up

1and1 is also a great name for you to transfer your domain name with many benefits. Start 1and1 transfer domain right now and save better on your online order thanks to 1and1 domain coupon, 1and1 99 cent domain, and 1and1 promo codes.

Start your transferring domain to save better at IONOS.

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