1and1 Coupon: Start a domain name at the cheapest price

1 and 1 was founded in 1988 as one of the largest brands in the industry with great services of a domain, websites, Hosting, WordPress, Marketing, Email & Office, and servers. Beginning running a website right now with a domain name from 1 and 1 for the cheapest price thanks to 1and1 coupon, 1and1 discount code, and other offers for 1and1. Let’s reveal our article to get more information about 1and1 domain and get some tips to register a domain name at your budget.

1 and 1 overview

                                                                  1and1 domain

IONOS By 1&1 was known as a big-time player in the domain registration world. They manage over 12million domain names. They always try to renew their services as well as technology to help the customer can get the best service. In 2018, they combined their services of web hosting, application, and server product lines with ProfitBricks’ cloud infrastructure solutions to become IONOS By 1&1.

If you are individuals, small and medium-sized companies, you can choose 1and1 to develop your website with great service of domain purchases, email hosting, and other web hosting solutions. Besides, they also offer great 1and1 coupons and other 1and1 promo codes to place an order at the cheapest price.

What are the benefits of 1and1 domain?

When it comes to IONOS, you can get more than a domain name. Please discover the following benefits to see what 1 and 1 domain bring to you.


You can get a professional email address (for example you can get an email like me@mycompany.com) to help you connect with your domain of 2 GB for your mailbox space. Moreover, you can upgrade anytime for more space.

You also get further information on a top domain registrar like Namecheap or Goddady at Namecheap Coupons Renewal: Top Domain Registrars and Why Namecheap?


One SSL Wildcard Certificate will be included for each contract that helps you enhances the reliable protection of your website visitors as well as increase your ranking on Google.

10,000 subdomains

10,000 subdomains

Do you know that you can get up to 10,000 subdomains to customize and structure your website? You can get subdomains like news.mycompany.com to boost your business as well as the traffic of your website.

Easy setup

Now you can connect easily your domain with email hosting or social media profiles through one-click activation.

Domain lock

They provide you with the domain transfer lock to ensure your domain cannot be transferred by unauthorized third parties. You can completely believe that your domain name will be protected.

24/7 customer support

They have a support team that is available 24/7 to help you solve all your problems.

For all the above benefits of 1 and 1 domain, surely you want to start a domain name right now and never let your budget stop by using our 1and 1 discount code, 1and1 promo code, and other 1and1 coupons.

The pros and cons of 1and1 domain

1and1 is also the top brand name in the market about domain but the big brand does not always mean the best product that is the reason why you should consider the pros and cons of one product. It is time for you to get more information on the pros and cons of 1and1 domain. Never miss a great price thanks to our 1and1 coupon, 1and1 promo code, and other discount codes for 1and1 domain.

1and1 pros

Let’s look at all the pros of 1and1 listed below and decide why you should choose 1and1 domain name. Of course, you also get extra money off in your pocket when shopping with our 1and1 promo code, 1and1 discount code, and other 1and1 coupons.

They offer domain name search service to customers as well as the best advice for you to choose the best domain name for your website.

ICANN-accredited registrar to help you protect your website

WhoisGuard privacy protection included with all domains

Discover Up to 10,000 subdomains

Offer 1 email account included with each domain registration from 1and1

All subdomains will include with SSL Wildcard Certificate

24/7 customer support

1and1 cons

About the cons of 1and1, many people recommended that they offered a lot of cart services. They can be better if they integrate services with each other so that customers can save more time and they can buy at one time. Start shopping right now and save better on each online order thanks to our 1 and 1 promo codes, 1 and 1 discount codes and other coupons for 1and1 domain.

The price of 1and1 domain

                                                                                      The price of 1and1 domain

In order to pay for a domain name that depends on a few things. Some domains will be more expensive than others because of their different statuses of the domain name such as top-level domains, country code top-level domains, and new top-level domains. You can check the elements below to see what you should buy to get the cheapest price for your domain name.

Expiration date

You can register a domain for up to 5 years and then you can renew your domain name for the next years. You should register your domain for as long as possible to protect your domain with other components.  Besides, you also need to renew your domain in time to make sure your domain is still for you. You completely take avail of 1and1 coupon, 1and1 promo code and other discount code to get more savings while shopping online.

Welcome offer

If you are new customers, you can get many offers for registering a domain name from 1and1. It is so perfect for you to minimize your shopping costs.  At 1and1, you only need to pay $1 for the first year of registering on many domain names and after that, you have to pay $5 per year. Join now with our 1and1 coupon and other discount codes for 1and1 domain.

ICANN fees

The ICANN fee will be charged with $0.08 per year for each domain by the internet corporation for assigned names and numbers. One-year registration costs $0.18 and if you register for 5 years for only $0.90. At 1and1, you also get ICANN registration to help you protect all the information on the website.

How to register a domain name?

Buying a domain name is very easier but it plays an important role in building and developing your website. You can follow the step to register a domain name at 1and1.

  1. 1. Check your domain name through domain checker tool from the website and it let you know:

Your domain name contains invalid characters or not.

It has already existed or not

  1. 2. Select which domain ending that you want to build for your website. It is also a good idea for you in the following cases:

Secure your domain name

3. Decide the extensions

Consider that you want to compete with the one that is already used or come with a new one.

4. Add your extension to your shopping cart.

  1. 5. Verify your order to check the following information

The expiration date of the domain

How long you have bought it

How many domain names that you are planning to build

  1. 6. If you do not an account, you need to create a new one.
  2. 7. Select your payment options and place your order.

Now you can ready to get your needed domain name from 1and1 and never miss your budget stop from shopping online when it comes to our 1and1 coupon, 1and1 promo code, and other discount codes for 1and1 domain.

Transfer a domain name to IONOS

If you want to move your domains to IONOS but you still want to keep the benefits from other services, you can do it easily at IONOS. They make every domain registration or transfer for free to help customers can keep their unique domain names.

Let’s start with a hosting package from the website to meet your purposes and then you enter your existing domain name into the tool of domain checker.

When you will be informed that your domain already exists, just click on “transfer” and enter the authentication code that you get from the former provider to the required box.

Due to the date will not transfer automatically so that you need to make sure that you have created backups of all your files along with databases or email accounts with your old domain provider before transferring. Besides, you also should copy your DNS settings and other subdomains from your domain names.

Now it is easy for you to transfer a domain name at 1and1 and you will have a chance to make extra money off in your pockets through 1and1 domain promo code, 1and1 coupon, and other deals. Search for all coupons and deals to take instant money off.

Subdomains names

A subdomain is a part of your domain name that the Internet is organized. It plays as a part of a website address and it is hierarchical.

For example with the name “order.example.com”, the first part is .com, the second part is an example and the third part is “order”. The thirds part is a subdomain of the second part and the second part is a subdomain of the first.

A good subdomain name will help you build your website well because it will contain the following things:

Gated content

Better tracking for the success of the website

Importance of SEO

Why should you use 1and1 coupon to get 1and1 domain?

Thanks to 1and1 domain you can register a domain name at the cheapest price. You can use 1and1 coupon and other promo codes for 1and1 domain at the payment section of the checkout step to save bigger.

To Sum Up

Visit 1and1 to register a domain name at the cheapest price thanks to 1and1 coupon, 1and1 coupon code, and other promo codes for 1and1 domain. Choose the best domain name right now for your website at IONOS.com.