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IONOS 1and1 is known as web hosting as well as a cloud partner for small and medium-sized companies. They provide a portfolio of solutions and tools for the digital space. 1and1 is the biggest hosting business in Europe with over 8 million customer contracts and more than 12 million domains. Just remember to use 1and1 coupons, 1and1 offers, 1and1 promo codes, and deals to save the best when making any purchases.

1and1 Pro general questions

What forms of payment does this company accept?

Customers can use American Express, Discover, MasterCard, and Visa. Don’t forget to use 1and1 promo codes, 1and1 coupons, 1and1 promo codes, and deals to take instant cashback when you purchase.

I want to register a domain name. What should I do? 

Buying a domain is easy but it has a crucial role in establishing your online presence.

Keep reading to know all the steps when you register a domain name: 

  • Step 1: Check the availability of the domain name. You could use the checker tool of this company. 
  • Step 2: Choose the domain name that you want to buy. You could purchase multiple domain names at the same time. 
  • Step 3: Add your extension to the shopping cart. 
  • Step 4: Verify your transaction for details including the domain’s expiration date and the number of domains that you’re planning to claim
  • Step 5: Select the payment method and finish your transaction. 

Please take note that you could always add new domain names if you want. Just accessing the IONOS control panel and pressing “add new domain” from the domains drop-down menu.

Tell me about the information that they gather.

The main personal information that is collected and saved on their system:

  • Name
  • Phone number
  • Credit Card number and expiration date 
  • Your company field

Normally, this company will collect and save your data when you perform the following actions: 

  • Make an online order
  • Visit or post a comment on one of their social media pages
  • Visit their Website
  • Create an account on their website 
  • Contact them or request customer service. 

I try adding a free email account to my domain. Is it possible?

1and1 promo codes

It is hard to say since this thing depends on the address that you have registered your domain. 

Generally, 1and1 provides this service for free. If you register a domain, you can access a free email account as long as you use the same name. 

Besides, customers could set up the 1and1 email address easily by accessing the 1and1 control panel and choosing “create new email users.”

I always worry about security issues when purchasing online. Is there any risk when I buy on 1and1’s website?

No. You do not need to worry about security since they make sure of your personal information’s safety. This business uses the newest technology to protect the data bank. They follow the physical and electronic processes in security. Don’t worry! No one can know anything about you even basic information.

How could I transfer an existing domain name to 1and1’s one?

You can begin to enjoy the benefits of their affordable hosting services through some steps. They make all the domain name transfer processes for free. Just take a look at the instructions below: 

  • Choosing a hosting package from 1and1’s website that best matches your needs
  • Fill in the old domain name into the domain checker.
  • Select the ‘transfer’ section 
  • Enter the authentication code that you get from your former provider.

Besides, you need to know some following notes:

  • Creating backups of all your databases, site’s files, and email accounts before the transfer process.
  • Copying your previous subdomains and DNS settings with that domain. 

How about the advantages of a .com gTLD?

There are the main pros below:

Memorable: a .com site will always be easy enough to remember for everyone.

Default: most visitors automatically type in the .com extension as the default extension. This will help to increase traffic to your .com site.

Credibility: the .com tag is one of the most trusted extensions in the world. Besides, it is quite a cheap URL.

What purposes does this company use clients’ data for?

They use the data for the purposes below:

  • Contact customers in some specific situations
  • Save internal record
  • Fulfill customer purchases
  • Supply new items and active promo codes to consumers via emails
  • Data security
  • Innovate the quality of items and services based on customer reviews

How does DNS involve domain names?

Please take note that each domain name needs to be linked to an IP address. When you access the .com site, the site’s DNS records will be read by the browser and computer to determine the location of their website’s files which are stored on a server. 1and1 will automatically assign DNS records during the domain name registration. 

1and1 renewal coupons

How to get 1and1 promo codes?

There are many sources to update the latest 1and1 coupons, 1and1 promo codes, and 1and1 99 cent domain: 

  • Leave your mail on 1and1’s system to know all the information about promotions, new packages, and more. These emails will be sent to you weekly.
  • Search on the Internet to find the active 1and1 renewal promo code, discount, and offer. 
  • Access, click on the specific hosting or domain packages to have a general look about the hottest codes. 
  • Access the site to read the hottest discount codes because we will update the coupon list regularly through our new reviews and articles. 

How to use 1and1 coupons?

After you get 1and1 99 cent domain, 1and1 coupons, and promo codes, you need to know how to use them. Please take a glance at the instructions below to redeem your code: 

Step 1. Select a 1and1 promo code that helps you to save the most.

Step 2: Just copy the coupon code that you have now

Step 3: Go to and start shopping.

Step 4. Choose the package that you want into the shopping basket. 

Step 5: Enter your 1and1 promo code to the coupon box.

Step 6. Fill in your information and find the payment part to complete your purchases.

*Note: No code is provided if you shop with 1and1 deal from our website.

Why doesn’t my promo code work?

Read carefully the following typical reasons for this issue and try to avoid making mistakes when applying coupons for your future transactions:

  • Some promo codes are active when you use them for specific items.
  • You use a code more than once. 
  • 1and1 discount code isn’t typed accurately
  • You get 1and1 coupons from untrusted websites. 

Active 1and1 coupons

If you don’t know which 1and1 coupon code can help you save your budget the most, check out the list of all the top selections of 1and1 coupons, promo codes, and discount codes:

  • Get 1and1 coupons free private domain registrations
  • Take 1and1 promo codes earning up to $300 when referring friends
  • 1and1 coupon codes .INFO domain costs $0.99/1st year
  • Receive 1and1 99 cent .COM domain 

Does 1and1 have special birthday discount codes?

No. Shoppers can rarely find any promo codes for birthdays. Don’t worry! You can still enjoy other wonderful 1and1 coupons, promo codes, discount codes, voucher codes, and deals that are applied for many services.

Does this company offer referral coupons?

Yes. If you refer your friend to use their services, both of you will get the best discounts for the orders. Especially, you could earn up to $300 plus when recommending others.

Can I get any promo code if I buy .INFO domain?

Yes. You have chances to use .INFO domain at only $0.99 for the first year at this time. Don’t skip. 

Does this business have special codes for small companies?

No. Customers cannot find coupons for small businesses only. Don’t think too much! There are a lot of active 1and1 coupons, promo codes, offers, and deals when you buy solutions and tools on their site. 

Does 1and1 offer coupon codes for special occasions?

Yes. You have many great chances to enjoy deep promo codes of up to 30% OFF. Customers have chances to receive a lot of 1and1 coupons, discount codes and promo codes in many cases like Independence Day, Back to school, New Year, Christmas, and so on.

How about discounts for .COM domain?

Customers can use .COM domain at only 99 cents. Besides, you could search for many other attractive coupon codes that applied to many domain names on 1and1’s website. 

*Note: All 1and1 coupons are valid in a short time. You need to check regularly to get active 1and1 renewal promo codes.

More about 1and1

.US domain

The reasons to buy .US domain

1and1 coupons

Build your company on the U.S.A foundations: just take note that the .us extension is a valid domain that is only available in America. 

Easy to use: you can register easily and quickly

Protect and grow your brand: a .us domain is a wonderful way to develop your company. Moreover, when you finish registering your unique company name with this domain extension, it will not belong to anyone else but you. 

Showcase your pride: you can show your support to American businesses through this domain name. Highlight the market that made helped supports your company a success

The way to get your .US domain for FREE

In case you missed the recent deal on a .us domain for free in the first year, do not worry. You could receive a free .us domain by purchasing any of these great packages

  • Web Hosting plan
  • MyWebsite plan
  • Business Email plan

Benefits of registering a .US domain with 1&1

You can get many benefits below:

Security: an SSL Wildcard Certificate is included per contract to protect your site visitors as well as rise the ranking on Google for your website. 

  • Email: you will get a professional email address that is connected to the domain with 2 GB of mailbox space to begin. Besides, you can upgrade for more space anytime. 
  • 10,000 subdomains: approximately 10,000 subdomains to structure and customize your site. 
  • 24/7 customer support: you will be supported by the professional team. 
  • Easy setup: you can connect the domain with email through one click
  • Domain lock: you can feel safe for your site since third parties cannot transfer in any case. 

How to get Social with 1and1?

Now you can update all the newest 1and1 coupons, promo codes, discount codes, and deals as well as the latest products through some social networks by choosing one of the following networks below to go to the Home Page.



The story of this company

IONOS 1&1 was born in 1988 with the main purpose of making information technology easy for all people to know and use. 1and1 has become a world-class vendor of hosting solutions and tools in recent years. They are the largest domain registrar around Europe. 1and1 supports entrepreneurs to take their first steps online and help to build websites effectively for many small and medium businesses. They provide a lot of solutions and tools for the digital space. 1and1 manages more than 12 million domains for many clients around the world. The price levels that they offer are reasonable. Besides, you can save a lot of money by using 1and1 coupons, 1and1 promo codes, 1and1 coupon codes, and 1and1 99 cent domain during the checkout. 

Contact 1and1

Their friendly support staff is available to be ready to support you 24 hours a day, seven days a week. They look forward to hearing from you. The support team is available to assist customers with the domain, hosting and online presence needs. This company knows you’re busy, so they provide you with a number of selections below for you to connect them:

  • Phone call: make a call through 1-484-254-5555
  • Social Support: you can connect them by using the messenger feature on some social networks like Facebook and Twitter 

Last message

Find suitable domains and other necessary solutions for your businesses. Don’t forget to use our 1and1 promo codes, 1and1 coupons, 1and1 discount codes, 99 cent domain, and deals to save the best. Please follow our articles on to get the newest information about coupon codes and more. 

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