How to creat email in DirectAdmin

Some features of the E-mail Management DirectAdmin:

POP3 / Imap: pop3 email account types and imap

catch-all email: allows setting up offline mail
forwarder: Allows creating aliases, when it received an email alias, will be sent to the address declared.
mail list: Create a list for each group email
autoresponder: Create 1 auto responder email when a new email received from customers.
Email filters allow users to arbitrarily adjust stopping junk mail, or just do not want to receive mail address.

Make sure you have 01 domains (Domain) and Hosting service providers prior to initialization Email.

We are pleased to provide the steps initiated in DirectAdmin email as follows:

Step 1:

– Open a Web browser (Firefox, Microsoft Internet Explorer …….)

– Enter the address of the form:

The screen will now display as shown below (Figure 1)

Step 2:

– In the Username box, enter your username information by the hosting service provider has assigned you.

– In the Password field, enter password information.

Then, click on the Login screen shown in Figure 2

Step 3: Once you’re done step 2, you click E-mail accounts:

Screen appears (Figure 3).

Step 4: In the dialog box in Figure 3, please click the Create mail account select screen appears.

Then please fill out the information you want to create, then click Create .

Finally you created an email account .

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