Top VPS Hosting Service: Get The Best VPS Hosting Plan 2020

Top VPS hosting service: get the best VPS hosting 2020 

VPS hosting is an ideal choice when you wish to host a website. In case you still don’t know which host is the best choice for you, keep reading to find the right VPS hosting providers to go online.

VPS hosting vs shared hosting

VPS hosting services

When it comes to hosting, many people choose a basic shared web hosting service. But please keep in mind that, your website is growing and you will need a better choice of hosting service. In case you need a more powerful choice, don’t look any further than VPS (virtual private server) service.

A VPS is a step up from shared hosting. That doesn’t mean you use the whole server. You still share a server with other websites, but there is a smaller amount of websites shared your server.

VPS hosting providers offer more system resources available to subscribers. The result is your website will be faster and more responsive. Besides, in case you experience traffic spikes after a major news story breaks about your website or blog or during a promotional event, VPS resources can expand to meet your new demands. That sounds great especially when you are building an online store and wish to get more and more customers.

You know VPS hosting service is an advantageous choice for your site. But there are various choices of VPS providers out there. If you don’t get trusted information and unbiased reviews on each service, it is tough for you to get the best service.

We have made a research on all recommended choices of VPS hosting on their services, advantages, and disadvantages. We found out the top 8 best VPS providers with unbiased reviews below.

Top 8 VPS hosting providers 

Top VPS hosting providers



  • Unlimited CPU cores, email accounts, and domains
  • Free domain with 6-12 month plans


  • Fairly expensive top tier VPS hosting packages
  • 99,97% uptime

InMotion is one of the top choices for you when it comes to VPS hosting. The company provides great features, reasonable uptime, as well as concerning support services at an economical price. InMotion is also a good shared hosting provider for use, in case your needs do not meet a VPS hosting service. You can start your site with a shared hosting service of InMotion and upgrade your package when your needs are expanded.

This is a wonderful choice for you when you don’t need to transfer your domain even when you have more traffics or customers than ever. And it is easy for you to upgrade your package at InMotion.

Explore the list of all the available hosting packages and find the best one to kick start your site. Please don’t forget to take avail of valid InMotion hosting promo codes and coupons to get your plans to come at a discounted price.



  • Best value for money
  • Flexible money-back guarantee


  • 99.95% uptime
  • No free domain

A2Hosting provider is a recognizable name with hosting newbies. It offers intuitive support service as well as a generous anytime money-back guarantee. If you are not a master in building or managing your site, just contact the support team to get help in any step of your management. When you experience any unwanted failures, the well-trained customer support team is right there to give you assistance. Additionally, A2Hosting gives a long-time money-back guarantee so that you can try your preferred VPS hosting service and find out if it fits your demands or not.

Always remember that you can get your ideal hosting plan at a bargain price when you make your purchases with A2Hosting hosting promotional codes and discounts. Always check the available promo codes for A2Hosting hosting service to not miss the chance to get extra bucks put back to your budget.



  • 99.98% uptime
  • Free domain


  • One dedicated IP address
  • Fairly expensive top tier VPS hosting plans

BlueHost is an ideal choice for you in case you haven’t get a domain name. When purchasing VPS hosting packages from BlueHost, you will get a permanently free domain name. Otherwise, you also get many great features such as unlimited email accounts, up to 8GB of RAM and 4 CPU cores. To be compared with other VPS hosting providers, BlueHost stands out with amazing features included in the plans. Check all the available features and free domain name to make sure you get the most economical choice with all the features you need to build and manage your site fuss-free.

Please remember to arm yourself with working BlueHost hosting promo codes and coupons to get your total deducted a huge amount of money.



  • Multiple help and support resources
  • 1-year free domain


  • 1TB of bandwidth
  • 99.94% uptime

If you are finding a VPS hosting provider with good customer service, iPage is the right provider for you. It offers 24/7 live chat and phone support. All the customer supporters are knowledgeable so that they can help you solve your troubles in minutes. Otherwise, you can get out of your troubles when finding guidelines at an in-depth knowledge center and support tickets.

Not only iPage has a brilliant customer support team, but also it provides pretty good features with an SSL certificate included as well as free site backups. When storing your site and data at iPage, you don’t need to worry about security and data-losing anymore.

iPage also offers no-ad pricings on all plans. Review all the available web hosting plans and buy the most suitable plan and never forget to save extra bucks with the latest iPage hosting coupon codes and promotions.



  • 99.99% uptime
  • 120GB of storage


  • No free domain
  • Expensive pricing plans

And the top overall hosting score from the research belongs to HostGator. It is the master of hosting but it is not quite masterful when it comes to CPS hosting. Please keep in mind, it is certainly no slouch. HostGator provides amazing features as well as the best uptime of any provider. Store your site at a VPS hosting of HostGator and you could do a lot worse.

HostGator also has a friendly and well-trained customer support team to help you throughout your purchasing process and beyond.

Catch a glimpse of all the on-order VPS plans and update your shopping bag with the one that matches your demands. Don’t forget to save your extra coins with awesome HostGator hosting coupons and promotional codes.



  • Great capacity with the Extreme plan
  • Unlimited email accounts and domains


  • No free backups
  • Expensive plans

HostPapa is not a cheap VPS hosting service for your site but it offers unparalleled capacity. You can get top-tiered pricing plans for enough RAM (Random Access Memory) belong with storage space to store all the data you wish to upload to your site. No matter how big your site is, HostPapa can handle them all. Otherwise, it has an easy-to-use control panel for users to do all the needed tasks.

HostPapa offers various VPS hosting plans with different storage and features. Review all the choices carefully to pick up the right one for your site. When it comes to transactions, please use working HostGator hosting promotional codes and discounts to get your purchases updated at a better price.



  • Both Linux and Windows servers
  • Unlimited bandwidth


  • No money-back guarantee
  • 24/7 live chat or ticket support not available

GoDaddy is the perfect destination for web kits with services on everything web-related. It is well known as the largest domain registrar in the world. Additionally, it has a brilliant website builder and fine hosting packages. In the event you wish to build a one-stop-shop, GoDaddy is the best choice for you.

But please think carefully before choosing one of the VPS hosting packages from GoDaddy. It has weak customer support services and offers high domain and hosting renewal prices. On top of that, always check the available features on your plan to make sure you have all the needed tools and services and don’t pay extras for what you don’t need.

When making your purchase at GoDaddy, you can take advantage of the current GoDaddy hosting discount codes and coupons to kick off your online business for less.

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  • Unlimited domains and email accounts
  • Unlimited bandwidth


  • 30GB of storage on the Basic plan
  • Live chat support not available

For an unlimited bandwidth hosting plan, DreamHost is the top choice for you. It also offers pretty neat features for you to experience nothing less than fuss-free when building and managing your site. But DreamHost does not have a concerning customer support team to help you directly when you are stuck in any troubles. It takes a long time to get your problems solved or get help from the customer support team when DreamHost does not offer phone support or alive chat.

Compare the pros and cons of the DreamHost carefully before making your decision. And always remember that you can make your purchases without paying for the original price of the VPS hosting plan when you apply valid DreamHost hosting discount codes and discounts on your order.

Tips to save bigger on your VPS hosting plan 

As you see, VPS hosting plans are more expensive than shared hosting plans. You have to think carefully before choosing not only the best plan but also an economical choice. Besides, you can rely on tips and tricks below to get a cheaper plan.

Buy with hosting promo codes 

Nowadays, you can easily find valid hosting promo codes for providers on the Internet. Never forget to check the current promotional codes and coupons for your hosting providers before making your purchases. That can help you save a huge amount of money.

Please note that you can only get your purchases to come at a bargain price when you use valid hosting promo codes and you match all the requirements of your chosen discount.

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Check the features included 

Never choose the basic plan when you need more than what it offers. It looks cheaper but you will have to pay extras when your demands expand. All hosting plans will include some great features and for each provider, the features you get on your plans are different. Run your eyes over the list of available features and make sure your ideal VPS hosting plan gets all the needed features.

Buy plan included free domains 

Some hosting providers also offer free domains on some packages. You can save a huge amount of money per year especially when you haven’t got a domain name for your site. Besides, when you get a domain from your hosting provider, you don’t need to transfer your domain and pay for extra fees for transferring.

Besides, you can choose a hosting provider that offers domain and get both services from a provider. It is easier for you to complete your plan.


It is important for you to get the right VPS hosting plan to start your online business or build your private blog. It is expensive but it worths your coins with various advantages. I hope my article helps you narrow down the list of choices and easily find the perfect hosting plan on your next purchase.

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