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Linode is a well-known provider in the cloud-hosting service field. This company deployed their infrastructure on 10 data centers that are supported by advanced APIs, the Next Generation Network, the wide library of educational resources, and comprehensive services. Customers can approach the latest virtual computing tools and solutions at reasonable prices by using Linode promo codes, Linode discounts, Linode coupons, and deals. 

About Linode

General questions about Linode Hosting 

How to get Social with Linode?

You can keep in touch with Linode through some social networks in which you can update all the latest information about the store as well as Linode coupons, discount codes, vouchers, and deals.

Tell me about the way to connect Linode.

If you have any questions or requests, please contact Linode through several ways below:

  • Phone call: make a call through 855-454-6633
  • Fax: send a fax through 609-380-7200
  • Chat on IRC: use the IRC chat feature to send your message. 

I have just created my first Linode’s account but I can’t send emails. What happened?

New Linode’s accounts that are created after 5 November 2019 will be restricted to the email sending feature. This rule aims to reduce the number of spams. In case you want to send an email through Linode’s account, you need to follow two notes below:

  • Determine a valid DNS A record
  • Use rDNS for any Linode’s account that you want to use for sending emails. 

What payment methods does this company accept?

You can pay through MasterCard, Visa, Discover, and American Express. Besides, you can transfer money from a PayPal account to add credit to your account. You need to sign up by your credit card in case you want to transfer from PayPal. Please remember that you can save a lot of coins by using Linode promo codes, Linode coupons, Linode discounts, and deals. 

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Tell me about the outstanding Linode’s products.

You can find many great cloud-hosting tools and solutions. This company offers competitive price levels for all high-quality services. More than that, you should use Linode coupons, Linode promo codes, discounts, and deals to take instant cashback when you purchase on Linode’s website.

Linode cloud centers

Standard Linode:

This option is a great choice for new applications. Take a look at some following typical characteristics of this plan:

  • Compatible with almost game servers, websites, and container clusters. 
  • Many choices from 1 vCPU, 2GB of RAM to 32 vCPUs and 192GB of RAM.
  • 10 configurations for customers at low prices. Customers can use Linode coupons to save more.
  • WordPress, static sites, and other websites could operate on Standard Linode.
  • Deploy container clusters easily
  • Use Standard Linode at many data centers in the world to transmit data faster.

Linode Kubernetes Engine:

LKE is the abbreviation of this tool. LKE helps to manage the orchestration engine as well as containerized applications. This plan can use efficiently with the infrastructure of Kubernetes. There are some main advantages of the Linode Kubernetes Engine tool that are listed below: 

  • The latest version of Kubernetes will be upgraded automatically. 
  • Recovering all node components when the system has a problem. 
  • Deploy Kubernetes Clusters easily through a few clicks.
  • Manage customer’s resources efficiently since Kubernetes will distribute all containers on clusters seamlessly. 
  • Customers have a backup for all snapshots. That’s why they don’t need to worry about anything even if some mistakes happen.
  • Fees are only counted on nodes that you use. 
  • The cluster’s master services are totally free.


GPU option provides the service that helps engineers, scientists, and artists to process parallel workloads. Linode GPU is considered the most outstanding plan on the market.

  • GPU-optimized virtual machines with CUDA, NVIDIA Quadro RTX 6000, RT, and Tensor. 
  • Linode GPU helps to approach AI, machine learning, and video streaming easier. 
  • Linode GPU plans provide you a maximum of six cards 
  • 4K / 8K high-definition video rendering, live streaming, and media

Dedicated CPU: 

This is one of the powerful infrastructure tools. This solution is perfect for CPU-intensive applications including machine learning, video encoding, and data analytics processing. 

  • Customers can create or remove nodes by a few steps. 
  • Suitable for  CI/CD and Build Jobs
  • Upgrade to higher package anytime you want
  • The great price level for premium service. 
  • 100% CPU for full-duty work
  • Hypervisor resources are not leaked since vCPU threads have their own cores.

Tell me about the special Linode promo codes that active at this time.

Customers can find many attractive Linode coupons all the time. Just take a look at some typical discounts listed below:

  • Take $10 Off Linode promo codes
  • Get Linode $20 Free Credit VPS coupons
  • Enjoy Linode $10 discounts 
  • Receive Linode $20 free trial

How can customers verify their domain with Google Search Console?

Customers need to check the domain whether it uses Linode’s DNS or not. Users can use an online tool to check. Just go to the Linode DNS Manager and click on the TXT Records. Next, customers need to add a text record as well as paste the value that you’ve got from Google into the “Value” field. Finally, please click on the “save” button.  

Now, customers have to wait for a quarter of an hour prior to the record is published on the Internet by Linode. 


Linode receive a lot of positive reviews during many years operating. Customers can find out great benefits from the cloud hosting services of this company. Besides, users can reduce the cost that they have to pay by using Linode coupons and Linode promo codes. Apart from these advantages, this business also brings great support experience for all customers. That’s why Linode always has the top place in the cloud hosting sector. 


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