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Contabo is a company that provides professional hosting tools and solutions. The target customers are wide. No matter who you are, Contabo has specific solutions for you. This business offers many different products including webspace, classic web hosting solutions, dedicated servers, colocation services with great performance, and more. Just don’t forget to use Contabo VPS coupons, promo codes, Contabo voucher codes, and deals to save the best when you purchase on their website.

Contabo VPS plans

General questions about Contabo Hosting 

How to contact this company?

You could connect Contabo through the following ways:

  • Email: send an email via [email protected].
  • Phone: call them through +49 89 3564717 70 (available from 8 A.M to 11 P.M)
  • Social Network: send a message via the Facebook messenger feature. The customer care support team will be available to respond to you 24/7.

Tell me more about Contabo’s products.

High-quality Contabo VPS

Contabo has a wide range of hosting selections for you. The webspace packages start at only 2.99 EUR per month. More than that, over 300 web applications are installed automatically. You can install many scripts including Joomla, MediaWiki, WordPress, Typo3, phpBB, Magento, and Drupal through a few or even one click. Contabo is famous for providing high-quality services at cheap prices. However, you can still save more money by using Contabo VPS coupons, Contabo voucher codes, and deals during the checkout. There is no reason to ignore Contabo’s hosting plans since there are too many great points in the service of this company. Let’s take a look at the list of packages below and choose for yourself the best one.

Web Hosting:

Webspace Package M

  • 2.99 EUR/ month
  • 50 GB Webspace, Unlimited Traffic, 20 MySQL databases  

Webspace Package L

  • 4.99 EUR/month
  • 100 GB Webspace, Unlimited Traffic, 50 MySQL databases

Webspace Package XL

  • 7.99 EUR/ month
  • 250 GB Webspace, Unlimited Traffic, 100 MySQL databases

Webspace Package XXL

  • 9.99 EUR/month
  • Unlimited Traffic and MySQL databases, 500 GB Webspace

*Note: All plans include Website Builder, DDoS protection, Web-disk, PHP support, FTP access, Administration interface, and SSL support


Dedicated Server Core i7

  • 49.99 EUR per month
  • 12 GB RAM, 2000 GB Hard disk

Dedicated Server 6-Core

  • 69.99 EUR per month
  • 24 GB RAM, 80 GB SSD, 2000 GB HDD

Dedicated Server X

  • 79.99 EUR per month
  • 64 GB RAM, 256 GB SSD, 3000 GB HDD

Dedicated Server Dual Xeon

  • 99.99 EUR per month
  • 128 GB RAM, any combination of SSD, HDDs available

Dedicated Server 10-Core

  • 109.99 EUR per month
  • 256GB RAM, any combination of SSD, HDDs available

* Note: All options include Linux and Windows Operating system, OS reinstall console, Root access, Reboot web interface, Admin panels, 1 IP addresses, DNS management, Reverse DNS, RAID, 200 Gbit/s Upstream, and 64 Network IPv6 addresses


VPS 300

  • 3.99 EUR per month
  • Two cores CPU, 4 GB RAM, 300 GB SSD-boosted Disk storage, 100 Mbit/s port Port/bandwidth

VPS 700

  • 7.99 EUR per month
  • Four cores CPU, 10 GB RAM, 700 GB SSD-boosted Disk storage, 100 Mbit/s port Port/bandwidth

VPS 1400

  • 12.99 EUR per month
  • Six cores CPU, 20 GB RAM, 1400 GB SSD-boosted Disk storage, 1000 Mbit/s port Port/bandwidth


  • 4.99 EUR per month
  • Four cores CPU, 8 GB RAM, 200 GB SSD-boosted Disk storage, 200 Mbit/s port Port/bandwidth


  • 8.99 EUR per month
  • Six cores CPU, 16 GB RAM, 400 GB SSD-boosted Disk storage, 400 Mbit/s port Port/bandwidth


  • 14.99 EUR per month
  • Eight cores CPU, 30 GB RAM, 800 GB SSD-boosted Disk storage, 600 Mbit/s port Port/bandwidth


  • 26.99 EUR per month
  • Ten cores CPU, 60 GB RAM, 1600 GB SSD-boosted Disk storage, 1000 Mbit/s port Port/bandwidth

*Note: All plans include OS reinstall console, unlimited Traffic, Root access, Reboot web interface, VNC access, DNS management, Reverse DNS, Admin panels, and DDoS protection

  • How long does setup & domain purchase take?

Generally, it will take only a few hours to set up a Webspace Package or VPS. Full configuration and installation might take 3 days because Dedicated Server’s setup process is quite complex. All the process will be completed after half of the day if you want to upgrade for your VPS or Dedicated Server. Besides, the domain registrations take some minutes to be done but the domain will be ready to use after 1 day. If you want to know more information about this matter, please access the website of this company or call the customer care support team through the hotline number. 

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What payment methods can I use?

There are many useful payment methods including Skrill, PayPal, and credit cards for you. If you shop for the first time, you need to be done the payment manually. And you are only allowed to use the payment data that is supplied for you after the finished transaction. Besides, please use Contabo VPS coupons, Contabo voucher codes, discount codes, and deals to save the best when you shop at this store. 


Contabo is a great choice for customers who are looking for a professional hosting service. Webspace packages and servers are protected by DDoS. Especially, they offer free customer care support all year. Don’t forget to take advantage of Contabo VPS coupons and voucher codes to make more money off.

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