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VPSDime is a noticeable name in the VPS hosting sector. This company supplies VPS service that has an ability to self-managing and storage. You can host all applications on 5 locations that belong to 2 different continents. The server performance will make you surprised. On the recent Top Providers Poll, VPSDime is one of the most wonderful VPS hosting vendors. It is easy to understand since VPSDime brings the best tools and solutions at affordable prices. Customers can make big savings by using VPSDime coupons, VPSDime discounts, VPSDime promo codes, and deals during the checkout. 

VPsDime locations

General questions about VPsDime Hosting 

Does this company have an Affiliate program? 

Yes. If you could refer to them more customers, you will receive up to 10% account credit. Just make sure you own a valid account before you want to become an affiliate.

How to get Social with VPsDime?

Don’t forget to keep in touch with VPsDime through some social networks in which you can update all the latest information of the store as well as the VPsDime coupons, VPsDime promo codes, discount codes, and deals.

Special VPsDime coupons at this time

VPsDime offers many price levels for their VPS hosting packages. Besides, users can take advantage of many different VPsDime coupons and promo codes supplied many times in the year. Check the list below to see several typical discounts of this company: 

  • Enjoy VPsDime coupons £60 Off Clearance Sale
  • Get VPsDime promo codes 25% Off Site-Wide
  • VPS 6GB Ram just only $7/month
  • Take VPsDime 30% OFF on certain purchase 
  • Receive VPsDime 90% OFF 

How to contact VPsDime?

In case you have any concern about VPsDime services as well as VPsDime coupons, please contact VPsDime through two main ways below:

  • Social Support: use the messenger feature on some social networks including Facebook and Twitter to connect VPsDime. 
  • Message: you could use the message feature to contact directly the VPsDime support employee. Just click the “Contact” section. Next, you type your text on the “Message” box, fill in your information and press “Submit” to complete the requirement.

How long will VPS hosting provisioning take? 

This company commits that they will supply in a short time after customers finish the payment. However, VPsDime needs to check some detailed data to prevent fraud. That’s why users have to wait for a little bit longer if they make the first purchase. Besides, you should make sure your paying information is correct since if you enter the wrong billing data, provisioning will be delayed. VPsDime always sends a confirmation email after payment. In case, you don’t receive it, please check the spam or junk folder. 

What payment methods can I use?

You can make a payment through credit cards or PayPal. This company recommends that customers should pay through PayPal since this type of payment is reliable. PayPal supports customers to protect credit card information. More than that, please remember that you can take instant cashback by using VPsDime promo codes, VPsDime coupons, VPsDime discounts, and offers. 

Tell me more about VPsDime’s products.

VPsDime always wants to offer the best solution at economical prices. There are different hosting packages for you. Take a look at the list below and save more coins by using VPsDime discount codes, VPsDime coupons, VPsDime promo codes, and offers that are applied at this time.

VPsDime coupons

Linux VPS:

You can scan and skim the following feature of Linux VPS plan: 

  • Supporting CentOS, Fedora, Debian, OpenSUSE, Ubuntu, and ScientificLinux.
  • Full control of VPS with entire root access. 
  • Easy connect by using SSH, inclusive Control Panel.
  • Starting with only $7.00 per month (you can save more by using VPsDime coupons)
  • Managing VPS’s power functions as well as viewing statistic graphs right in the customer area.
  • Full SSD Storage, fast SSD storage guarantees. 

This package has several selections below for customers: 

  • 6GB: 6GB Memory, 2 TB Traffic, 4 vCPU, 10 Gbps Uplink, 30 GB SSD Space
  • 12GB: 12GB Memory, 10 Gbps Uplink,  4 vCPU, 60 GB SSD Space, 4TB Traffic 
  • 18GB: 18GB Memory, 10 Gbps Uplink,  4 vCPU, 90 GB SSD Space, 6TB Traffic 
  • 24GB: 24GB Memory, 10 Gbps Uplink, Space 8 TB Traffic, 4 vCPU, 120 GB SSD 

Premium VPS Features: 

Just follow all features listed below to know more about the useful information of this option: 

  • Industry-leading KVM virtualization. 
  • Dedicated blazing 3.3 GHz CPU and memory.
  • Including nightly backups with 3-day retention.
  • RAID10 protected enterprise SSD storage.
  • Very high write-intensive (10 DWPD). 
  • Maximum 16 VPS per node. 

Users can choose one of the following packages: 

  • 4GB: 4GB Memory, 2TB Traffic , 1 Dedicated Core, 10Gbps Uplink, 60GB SSD Space 
  • 6GB: 6GB Memory, 10Gbps Uplink, 2 Dedicated Core, Space 4TB Traffic,   120GB SSD 
  • 12GB: 12GB Memory, 10Gbps Uplink, 180GB SSD Space, 3 Dedicated Core,    6TB Traffic 
  • 16GB: 16GB Memory, 10Gbps Uplink, 4 Dedicated Core,8TB Traffic, 240GB SSD Space 

Premium VPS Features: 

You can find more information about the main characteristics of this plan: 

  • Supporting Ubuntu, OpenSUSE, Debian, CentOS, Fedora, and Scientific Linux. 
  • All nodes are built on first-class quality HP servers with Western Digital RE Enterprise drives.
  • All nodes are configured with RAID50.
  • The entire control of VPS with full root access. 
  • SSH helps you connect easily. 
  • 2TB storage space available. Customers can upgrade anytime. 

There are some selections for you. Take a look!

  • 100 GB: 10Gbit Connection, 4 CPU, 1TB Traffic Limit, Memory 750GB Storage 
  • 250 GB: 10Gbit Connection, 2 CPU, 2GB Memory,  250GB Storage, 2TB Traffic Limit
  • 500 GB:  10Gbit Connection, 4 CPU, 4TB Traffic Limit, 2GB Memory, 500GB Storage 
  • 750 GB: 10Gbit Connection, 6TB Traffic Limit , 4 CPU, 2GB Memory,  750GB Storage 


VPsDime is the leading in VPS hosting field. This company is ready to listen to all customer’s feedback and reviews since they want to bring the best shopping experience for clients. Don’t forget to use VPsDime coupons, promo codes, and discount codes to get the best price level.

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