Contabo VPS Review – Real Customer Experience

Contabo VPS Review – Real Customer Experience

Contabo is a German hosting provider with nearly 15 years in business. From a small office on the very first day of business, Contabo now becomes one of the most recognizable hosting providers around the world. Let’s see detailed Contabo VPS reviews to find out what makes it more and more popular nowadays.

About Contabo 

Contabo was founded in 2003 based on three principles including instant service, discount prices, and top-notch customer support. The company always strives to bring great value and brilliant services, especially when you wish to start building a website or blog.

What are the bestsellers website kits at Contabo? 

Share hosting plans 

Contabo offers amazing, powerful share hosting plans for you to kick start your online business or your own blog. With tout affordability, security, as well as one-click installations of numerous popular programs, Contabo makes it easier than ever for you to get perfect hosting for your site. Otherwise, it also includes FREE SSL certificates and domain registrations, plus it does not restrict the amount of traffic of your website. When getting share hosting plans from Contabo, you even don’t need to worry about storage because you have ample room to store and grow your sites.

VPS plans

VPS plans are the ideal choices for you to pick up when making your purchases at Contabo. The company offers an impressive price-to-performance ratio when getting VPS plans. You can update your shopping bag with two series of VPS plans with different levels of souped-up solid-state hard drives and a high-performing scalable environment.

This company offers a hybrid infrastructure combines the fast read-write speed of SSDs with the massive storage of hard-disk drive. Now you only need to cut off a few hundred gigabytes to get more CPU cores.

Please keep in mind that you have many choices of Contabo’s VPS plans available at different pricings from 3.99 EUR per month. Just check out the features included to find the best plan for your site.

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Duel datacenters offer room for 14K servers 

Contabo’s Munich datacentre was launched in 2009 as an ultra-modern, energy-efficient space to store up to 4-thousand servers and company headquarters. Then, the company opened a larger data center in Nuremberg in 2014. This is an award-winning datacenter that is high-performance and efficient for you to choose.

Besides, this company has 10Gbit/s connections to customers thanks to Dual Xeon and 10-Core dedicated servers.

As well as, it has servers that are powered by name-brand hardware. You can find them both datacenter daily around the year.

Deep Domain registration options 

Contabo offers over 300 domain extensions, from country-code extensions to generic top-level domains, and new domains like .cloud, .online, or .email.

This company also gives at least one free domain included in shared hosting plans. You get up to 3 free domain names for Webspace XXL.

In case you opt to keep the domain with a third-party company, you can register an unlimited number of DNS entries on Contabo name servers totally free. Additionally, it is easy for you to transfer the domain to the Contabo hosting.

Support Mantra: Ther customer is King 

Contabo always works hard to bring the most satisfying experience for you when making your purchases at the website. Besides, the company also has a pro team that is always available to help you get through your problems when managing or developing your site.

In urgent cases, you can reach the support team 24/7 when sending an email to the support department or calling hotline.

This company offers managed services as an upgrade and includes security patched and operating system updates. Each month, Contabo gives 2 hours for optimizations, configuration, as well as emergency support.

When using Contabo’s VPS plans, you will get real-time server status updates to control service interruptions and maintenance.

Visit the FAQs page to get helpful tutorials to configure and customize many aspects of your hosting plans.

Numerous upgrades & add-on services

Additionally, Contabo offers automatic monthly, weekly, and daily backups cover databases, configuration settings, and so on. All your files and data are stored on Contabo’s exclusive backup server that features numerous hard disks and a RAID-6 array.

You can get additional storage space, bandwidth, RAM when choosing among 3 control panel options. Moreover, your packages also include emergency support options, monitoring, managed services, and others. Just check out the available features to find the right plans and solutions to build and manage your site.

Otherwise, you can get an instant setup option for a 12-hour deployment for dedicated server customers.

To conclude 

In conclusion, Contabo is an ideal choice for you to explore through the list of VPS plans and share hosting plans to get the best package to start going online. Hope our articles have helped you find the right choices to kick start your online business or start sharing your stories via private blogs.

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