Linode Reviews: Top Services & Promo Codes – Unbiased Reviews

Linode Reviews: Top Services & Promo Codes – Unbiased Reviews

It has never been easier for you to kick start your online business plan thanks to Linode. In the event, you wish to get further information on Linode services and special promo codes, keep scrolling down to read unbiased Linode reviews.

More about Linode

Linode reviews

Linode is the largest independent open cloud provider. It determined to accelerate innovation by offering simple, affordable, and accessible to all cloud computing.

Linode has an infrastructure-as-a-service platform deployed in 11 global markets. With support from Next Generation Network, comprehensive services, advanced API, and a great library of educational resources, Linode is an ideal place for you to shop hosting and web kit plans.

Linode services and products enable developers and enterprises to deploy, build, and scale applications more cost-effectively and easily in the cloud.

Top Linode promo codes for you

When visit the Linode website to make your purchases, you will meet up with an amazing list of services and web kits for your site. Please keep in mind that you can make your purchases without paying a bundled amount of money when taking avail of Linode promo codes and deals. As the latest Linode reviews, these are top Linode promo codes you shouldn’t skip when making your purchases.

FREE $10 USD credit

Enter LINODE10 or DOCS10 at the checkout to get your total cut off up to $10.

FREE $20 USD Credit

Enter “atp2018” “analogue2018” “material2018” or “clockwise2018” at the checkout to get FREE $20 USD credit.

Up to free $60 USD credit

For new accounts in India, enter INDO6060 at the checkout to get FREE $60 USD credit on the first purchases.

*Note: Please note that all the Linode promo codes are only available for a limited time. Check the expiration of the code before adding to your purchases.

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Why Linode?

Award-winning support 

Based on Linode reviews, there are no tiers, no hand-offs support. You will meet up with a highly trained service professional team who receives your requests and issues and solves them 24/7/365.

Predictable pricing

Linode offers no calculator required pricing. You always know the amount of money you have to pay monthly with transparent and flat pricing across every data center. Moreover, you can use Linode promo codes and coupons to get your purchases fixed for a better price when it comes to checkout.

Cloud simplified 

As many Linode reviews, Linode helps you manage and scale your infrastructure easier than ever thanks to intuitive cloud manager, One-click apps, API/CLI, and so on.

Global network

Linode has 10 global data centers plus Next Generation Network that deliver the security, low latency, and reliability you need to scale.

Linode vs AWS Amazon Hosting Comparison

In case you are not sure if Linode is the right choice or not, beyond Linode reviews, we provide a detailed comparison between Linode and AWS Amazon hosting below.

Linode pros & cons

Linode reviews

Linode Pros

Vast features 

As Linod reviews, the company provides lots of features of VPS hosting services. No matter what you need, Linode can offer a perfectly customized package for you. All hosting packages start as low as $10 to $400.

Besides, Linode has servers located worldwide to meet your demands about your servers.

Additionally, you can get solid-state drives, intel E5 processors, a 40 GBPS network when getting a hosting plan from Linode. For clientele of experienced web and app developers, Linode completes their wishes about features and services.

Moreover, you can upgrade many features at no extra cost. No matter if you want more RAM, updates on software, or faster bandwidth, you are covered. Linode provides plans including SSH and root access. You also receive free data backup, and extra features such as StackScripts to support you better in managing your site.

Now you have a lot of choices when signing up for Linode, even within the specific niche. Linode can pick the plan, the server location, and the distro. Trust Linode to have the reins to select a vast array of features.

Reliable hosting

Linode caters trusted hostings on a daily basis. Linode guarantees 99.9% uptime. In the event, users meet a significant amount of downtime, the company will provide a pro-rata credit.

Because Linode does not publish statistics on downtime and uptime, customers can choose to monitor uptime and downtime on their own servers.

Brilliant customer support service

No matter if you are a beginner or you are a pro in building and managing site. You always need help from the customer support team when you experience specific failures. Linode knows how important it is to offer brilliant customer services to all customers. You can call the customer support team or get help through support tickets. All the support tickets can be closed within 5 minutes.

Simply find Linode reviews on other sites, and you will read not too many Linode reviews complain about the customer services.

Linode Cons

As you know, every coin has two sides, and so does Linode. It has its downsides.

Isn’t cheap

The cheapest VPS plan of Linode comes at $10 per month, with 24 GB of data plus 2 TB of bandwidth. You can easily make a comparison with other VPS hosting providers in the market and find out that Linode is not a whole lot for the money you spend.

Fewer service options

Linode provides a wide choice for VPS and cloud hosting services, but it does not provide any other kind of service. It could be good for a niche site, but in case you are after a shared hosting or dedicated servers, Linode cannot match your needs.

Besides, Linode does not cater to managed hosting options. When reading Linode reviews, you will not find any information on managing hosting reviews. You can manage your site on your own in case you are a developer, but it could be a big problem for beginners.

Nor does Linode provide a visual control panel. You could be disappointed if you are used to reactive and visual tools. And the back end can be more difficult to navigate for non-experts.

Brief money-back guarantee

In case you feel a bit hesitant to shop Linode plans, as Linode reviews, you should look elsewhere. The company does not offer a money-back guarantee within 7 days of purchases. In the event you make cancellation for more than several days, you will get a refund, but Linode will deduct a $5 fee from your refund.

Extra features cost extra money

Even though Linode provides a wide choice of fantastic features but not all of them come included your hosting. As Linode reviews, the NodeBalancer service is pretty handy. It can help you balance demand across all Linode servers and make sure all servers run smoothly. But this feature is not included in any packages of Linode, you have to pay extra to use it.

Backups are other features that some hosting providers provide free but Linode does not. You also have to pay extra for cPanel and WHM licenses while other hosting providers include them in their hosting plans.

AWS Amazon hosting pros & cons

AWS reviews

AWS Pros

Easy to use

AWS caters a clearly expressed platform so that even a beginner can use it. Users will not experience any problems for a new applicant or an existing applicant. It is possible because AWS Amazon has AWS management console and well-documented web services.

No capacity limits

AWS Amazon launches many different projects that can meet the needed capacity of users. Besides, the organizations offer this capacity at a minimum cost for you to save bigger when shop hosting plans or web kits here. Besides, you can increase your capacity as you wish in anytime. In case you are not in need so much storage, choose to get back the previous storage. You can do it freely and make the most out of every coin you spend on your plan.

Provides speed and agility

Now you can hire a server within minutes. AWS offers a friendly designed website with full choices of server plans for you to easily find out what you need to hire. All you need to do is decide your demands and process shopping without asking anyone because it is flexible and easy.

You can deploy your application. Moreover, with powerful tools, AWS helps users to save time to complete tasks such as AWS tools, Auto Scaling, and Elastic Load Balancing. Just catch a glimpse of all available tools and select what you are missing. Access these applications any time you need.

Secure and reliable

Thanks to AWS, you can scale and innovate while keeping a secure environment. And you only need to pay for the services you select.

Also, AWS caters to an end-to-end approach that hardens and secures your infrastructure. Now you can experience security you need at a cheaper cost than in an on-premises environment.

Not only AWS provides security but also AWS helps you to protect privacy when you stored them in AWS data centers. No matter what size of your data is, you can also keep them safe in AWS infrastructure. With the highest standard of security, AWS is an ideal choice for you when you are after a reliable provider.

AWS Cons

Limitations of Amazon EC2

At AWS, there are default limits on resources that are varied from region to region. These resources include volumes, images, and snapshots. When shop AWS package, you can choose to launch the limited number of instances per region.

AWS also offers limited information for the resources managed by Amazon VPC console and Amazon EC2, but you can choose to increase the limit if necessary.

Security limitations

Security is the core feature of AWS so that you cannot change:

EC2-VPC: Up to 100 security groups/VPC.

EC-2 classic: maximum 500/instance plus each Security Group can include up to 100 permissions.

Technical support fee

While some providers provide free customer support service, you have to pay extra for immediate support. You can request for any packages among 3 basic packages including developer, enterprise, and business.

Simply check the price of each package and what services you can opt for to find a suitable package for your purchases. When you have to pay for technical support, you can get better and faster services. It sometimes can reduce the troubles you experience while managing or building your site.

General cloud computing issues

When you move to a cloud of AWS, you will meet general cloud computing issues including limited control, downtime, and backup protection. But these are temporary issues, and you can overcome these flaws after some time.

And the winner goes to Linode 

Although AWS can easily deceive you because of Amazon’s reputation, Linode wins this game with reliability, features, and lost on pricing.

To conclude

These are all information about Linode reviews and extra information about Linode promo codes and comparison for you to find the right web kit and hosting package for your site.

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