Free domain name registration only: Top free domain name and reviews

You cannot start a website without a domain name so that the way you choose a domain name is very important. It is time for you to discover free domain name registration only from many providers. Register domain name free to save bigger on each online order.

What is a domain name?

A domain name is known as your website name. A domain name is used for finding your website on the Internet. It is any combination of the various domain extensions such as .com, .net, and more. You must register a domain name before using them. You usually pay $15-25 to run a domain name in a year. Each website only has one domain name only and it is perfect for you to get Free domain name registration only, Free website domain and hosting, or register domain name free.

How to register a domain name?

You can register a domain name from many registrars, whether you register domain name free or free domain name registration only, you should follow the steps to register a domain name.

Step 1: Confirm that the domain that you want is available. Please start a domain registrar such as GoDaddy to check the domain is available or not. Just enter your domain that you want to get into the search box to check it right now.

Step 2: If the domain name is available, you need to register the domain on different top-level like .com, .org, .biz, and .net. There are hundreds of millions of domains that are already registered so that this step may be difficult but don’t give up. You can use some examples domain name from your registrations.

Step 3: When you have chosen the top-level domains, the last choice you need to decide how long you want to reserve your name.  You can buy a domain name maximum of 10 years.

Step 4: Once you pay for your domain name, you need to update your site’s name serves. Most registrars have a hosting as an available option so that you can use this option to no need to worry about any additional setup.

Besides GoDaddy, you also have more options with free website domain and hosting like Namecheap or BlueHost. Just enter the store to discover free domain name registration only without hosting and take free domain name registration only.

How to get a Free domain name registration only?

Get Free Domain from BlueHost

There are many ways for you to get a free domain name but Bluehost is the best way for you to get a free domain. It also ranks first for the top free web hosting providers. Please get with the step below to get Free domain name registration only from BlueHost.

Step 1: You need to visit the website BlueHost to access several different menu navigation options. There is a mistake when you go to the link “Domain” first.  You cannot get a free domain here, instead, click on the “Hosting” menu.

You can get different types of web hosting including shared hosting, VPS hosting, and dedicated hosting. When you get any web hosting plan, you can take a free domain for a year. Free domain name registration only without hosting is very different in this case so that you can save your time on each service of BlueHost.

Step 2: Select a hosting plan that you need

BlueHost offers four different shared hosting plans and now you can discover different plans of shared hosting:

In order to help you select the best one, you can get an overview of all hosting plans:


Free SSL certificate

Unmetered bandwidth

Host one website with 50 GB of storage

Five parked domains and 25 subdomains


Unlimited domains, parked domains, and subdomains

Host unlimited websites with unlimited storage

Spam experts

Office 365 Mailbox free for 30 days


Unlimited sites and storage

2 Spam experts

Dedicated IP

High performance

Choice Plus

Unlimited websites and unlimited storage

Site Backup – CodeGuard Basic

Domain Privacy and protection

For each plan, you choose you can take instant a Free domain name registration only. Or you can get more information about these plans when it comes to the store Bluehost.

Step 3: Choose your domain name.

When you select a plan, you will be redirected to the page below:

                                              Register Free Domain Name

There are three options for you with the following options:

Create a new domain

Use an existing domain

Create a domain later

If you have a domain in your mind you should go to the search box to check your domain in different extensions like .com, .net, .online, .org, .info, .co, .info, and more. In most situations, a .com domain is better than in many situations.

Step 4: Create your account

When you find a domain that available, you need to create a BlueHost account. You also skip the domain registration and go directly to this step and finally, you also get a free domain name. It is easy for you to create an account by filling out all the required information in the form. Please remember you cannot get Free domain name registration only without creating a BlueHost account.

Step 5: Select the Billing Terms

At the Billing step, you need to select the terms of your plan and the price depends on your term length. Here are the prices for each shared plan that you can select:

Basic 12 month: $5.95 per month

Basic 24 month: $4.95 per month

Basic 36 month: $3.95 per month

You can select one plan that is perfect for your budget most and you can save better on each online order thanks to Free domain name registration only.

Step 6: Select Add-ons

Before entering your payment, you still have a chance to add some extra extension that you want to consider. They always get the domain privacy and protection. They will protect your information including your name, mailing address, phone number, and email address. Besides, you also choose to take part in CodeGuard Basic as well as SiteLock Security Essential.

Finally, you can make a payment via Visa, Discover, MasterCard, and American Express, and PayPal. You also get a full refund if you are not happy with BlueHost service at this time.

Use Free Subdomain

Many Websites offer free subdomains like Wix. However, if you use a free website builder like Wix, you will have a subdomain in the format: “”.

WordPress is also another popular option for a free subdomain and the format will is “”. Register domain names free with a few steps away and saves the best on each online order.

Domain Registrar Ad Program

It is also a way for you but it is not recommended. There are many domain registrars that give you a free domain in exchange but they will run ads on your website. But it is not a good way to do this. If you want to run das on your website, let’s do it via an advertising network like Google.

Free ccTLD Services

The website will have a full of service with Free TLD service for different country codes. So that you can register you domain with country codes like .ga, .ml, .tk, .gq, . cf.  This is an away for you to get Free domain name registration only but it is a sketchy way that you should be careful to follow it. Join now and discover to get a pleasant experience.

Top free domain name registration only

Customers do not need to spend a cost for registration when they get a free domain. However, you should choose a .com or .net domain to develop your website better. However, you still have more chances with other Free domain name registration only listed below.

                                                     Free Domain Names

Free Domain

Free Domain offers free domain registration only without hosting with a short and easy to remember extension: Users can take a free domain name under the form: You use it on any website, blog, forums other published pages on the website.

The service of works in the form of URL redirection so that they support your website with meta tags, URL, path forwarding, Favicon, Google webmaster tools, and other tools. However, they do not support DNS changes and it is better for beginners. They have offered free domain register service since 2003 so that you also discover this service to start a website.

Free Domain at

A free web hosting provider that you can use is where you can register domain free with extension with your website form like and host it at servers without cost.

When it comes to, it offers a full-featured free domain hosting service with all features like PHP hosting, MySQL, CGI, FTP support along with Free installation like WordPress blog and more.

With the eco-friendly green hosting service, has been built business since 2008 and you can use the service from here to develop your website to save more.

Free Domain at .tk provides you with free 2nd level domains with.TK extension in the form of will help you get a free domain and redirect them to a website. Users also pay for the .tk domain and obtain the legal registrant rights. They offered domain name free in 2001 but their servers are a bit slow.  Visit the website to take other information about getting Free domain name registration only.

Free Domains at free domain provider a very short free domain and meaningful for your business. They offer 3rd level free domain such as and hosted at other servers without fees. Besides free domain name register, they also offer free services of free site builder and blog builder, and other tools like a photo album, guestbook, hits counter, form mailer, site copier, and more. For beginners, the domain name is a good choice and you can start again.

Free Domain at .COM, .NET, .ORG, etc

In other cases, you also get a free domain name with .com, .net, .org, .inofr, or .us extension along with their web hosting plans. You can check the following providers like InMotion, iPage, and HostMonster.

Or you can check Top Domain Registrars and Why Namecheap to find more the top domain registrars.

Why Free domain name registration only?

When you get Free domain name registration only, you can take a free domain to develop your website in the cheapest way. However, there are some limitations when using it. Take avantage of some goods points to start your business and save the best on your online order.

To Sum Up

There are some great ways for you to get Free domain name registration only so that you can

Register domain names free through some hosting providers to save both your money and time. Let’s place an order right now to start building your website in a perfect way.

Start right to get more information about Free domain name registration only without hosting!