Top 10 Best Free WooCommerce Themes 2020 – Reviews

Top 10 Best Free WooCommerce Themes 2020 – Reviews 

You have many things to consider when kicking start an online store. To manage and run a business, it is a time-consuming and costly venture. We know your troubles so that we provide a list of top 10 best free WooCommerce themes for you to save extra coins in the process.

How to get the best free WooCommerce themes for WordPress? 

But first, let’s see how to get the best free WooCommerce themes for your site.

It is important for you to pick up a free theme when you can stay on budget for launching your site and brand. In case you are a beginner or you simply want to make a check-list to find the best WooCommerce themes for free, we have a full check-list for you to sort out which theme is right for your site.

Integration with WooCommerce

Of course, you should choose a theme that is integrated with the eCommerce plugin so that you can easily set up your site and kick start your business plan. Especially when you are a beginner, it is easier than ever for you when choosing a theme that works with your selected eCommerce plugin. Check the availability of all plugin and test how they work to make sure you select the best free WooCommerce themes for your website.

Shop page layouts 

You should know that WooCommerce adds products, a virtual shopping cart, and checkout pages to your website. To find a great theme for your site, you should check the available themes for those pages. The better they work, the more convenient your customers feel.

Customization options 

The best scenario is you can customize your site on your own so that you can save a huge amount of money when building your site. Moreover, when you can customize your site, you can finish a site based on your ideas and easily add what you prefer to the layout as well as any pages. When reviewing the list of best free WooCommerce themes, always remember to check out if your selected theme has advanced customization features belong with compatibility with page builders.

Performance optimization 

No matter how good your site looks like, you always have to maintain fast loading time. No one wants to wait for a long time to get your sites completely loaded. It will affect your site’s bounce rate a lot when you have a low loading time site. The result is your site will not have a good point on Google Optimization Search Engine. The solution for you is to select a lightweight WooCommerce theme to keep page speed as high as possible.

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You have many things to consider when choosing the best free WooCommerce themes for your site, but never forget to pick the theme that appeals to your personal taste.

To help you easier find the perfect WordPress eCommerce theme free for your site, we provide a list of top 10 best free WooCommerce themes to narrow the list of choices.

10 best free WooCommerce themes to pick

We have a professional team that has tested and hand-picked the list of the best free WooCommerce themes based on official Theme Directory ratings, popularity, as well as our own assessment of each design and customization options.

All of them have been installed on stage sites and check with the same demo content before being analyzed by Pingdom Tools to check the theme’s page size, HTTP requests, plus performance rating.

And these are the top ten best free WooCommerce themes that we recommend you to pick.



OceanWP is available for the multipurpose site. It is chosen by many users because of its affordable price with WooCommerce. Actually, it offers many native eCommerce features, like floating add-to-cart bar, cart pop-up, and product quick view displays.

Additionally, this WordPress eCommerce theme free also integrates with multiple page builders (such as Beaver Builder and Elementor). To download the OceanWP theme, a premium license is required. Explore 13 available themes for free and select the best free WooCommerce themes for your online store.



Astra is another popular multipurpose theme for a WordPress site. With a minimalist and impressive performance, Astra is an ideal choice of WooCommerce theme for you to kick start your online store.

When choosing Astra theme, you can access customization-wise such as a relatively blank slate to personalize, multiple page builders available. Also, Astra becomes one of the best free WooCommerce themes because it provides various starter templates and most of them are built with eCommerce in mind.



Storefront is a well-known theme when it comes to the best free WooCommerce themes. It was developed by the same team that created WooCommerce so that it offers “deep integration” with WooCommerce as well as its extension. There is no better theme that is compatible with Commerce in comparison with Storefront.

But to compare with other multipurpose themes, Storefront is lacking customization options. Please check out all the customization features available to make sure you can use it fuss-free and run your business smoothly.

Hestia Lite

Hestia Lite

If you are after the best free WooCommerce themes, Hestia Lite is an ideal choice for you to pick for your site. It can help you finish an eCommerce starter site for an online retailer that looks for a boost when it comes to website design.

Additionally, Hestia Lite can integrate easily with multiple page builders and provides unique Customizer options. Just take a look at theme designs and features included to check out if this is the best WooCommerce themes for your online store.

Neve Shop

Neve Shop

Next up is another great choice for you to build your online store – Neve Shop. This theme provides all the page layouts you need to complete your WooCommerce store from product pop-up features to virtual carts.

Besides, it is beloved by users because it was designed to be one of the fastest themes you can find on the market.

When it comes to page builders, Neve Shop integrates with most of them so that you just need to choose the most suitable page builder to complete your site.

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Rife Free

Rife Free

If you want to build a photography or portfolio site, Rife Free is the right for you. Even though it is designed primarily for photography and portfolio sites, Rife Free integrates WooCommerce. The image galleries are featured product listings in case you wish to add its WooCommerce shop demo.

Also, this theme is compatible with the Elementor page builder and provides abundant unique Customizer options. When choosing Rife Free from the list of the best free WooCommerce themes, you can customize its demos to create your shop’s brand identity.



Another choice when it comes to the best free WooCommerce themes is Zakra. It adapts well to use for online retailers. With multiple eCommerce demos, Zakra helps users easily get started with a personalized site’s design.

This theme also integrates with Elementor page builder so that you can customize it as your wish. Otherwise, this theme is well-optimized to improve the loading time of your site.

But please keep in mind that Zakra does not include as many WooCommerce-related features as other choices of themes provided on this list.



In case you are after deep integration with WooCommerce and a soothing minimalist design, don’t look any further than Leto. It is a translation-ready site for international sales.

Also, Leto does not provide any demos or starter templates, it owns a pretty universally appealing design for you to pick up.

Just download the Leto theme for your site and check out if it can cover your demands or not. As long as it is a WordPress eCommerce theme free, just try it out to check out if it is right for your site or not.



0f course multipurpose themes are the best free WooCommerce themes for your site, but you need to think about other specialties when choosing a theme for your site.

Not only ShoppingCart is a multipurpose them but also ShoppingCart provides many eCommerce widgets and front page sections for you to personalize via the Customizer. Even though it does not integrate page builder, ShoppingCart has its own system of components for you to easily customize as your styles.

Zigcy Lite

Zigcy Lite

Zigcy Lite is a Customizer-based WooCommerce WordPress theme that provides a wide choice of eCommerce features. Zigcy Lite deeply integrates with all of WooCommerce’s settings and multiple shop page layouts. You can easily design your online store as your wishes when choosing Zigcy Lite as the theme of your site.

Besides, you can check out three demos for your site. Even though it is not as popular as other best free WooCommerce themes on this list, Zigcy Lite is a great choice for you when it comes to online retailers.

To note:

Any of the themes we have listed on this list would be a great choice for you to complete your WooCommerce site.

Of course, you need a little more direction in building and managing your site, please follow three directions below to decide your priorities.

Neve Shop: Best all-around free WooCommerce theme

Astra: Best performance and customization

Storefront: Best WooCommerce integration

Should I choose free WooCommerce themes for my online store?

It depends. There are many free WooCommerce themes available in the market for you to select a great one for your online store, and which are listed on our list are the best free WooCommerce themes for your site.

Actually, when you choose a free WooCommerce theme, there are some limitations in comparison with some WooCommerce themes that you have to buy. But to save your extra coins, free WooCommerce themes are the best choices.

When it comes to building and managing your site, you should think about your budget and business plan before choosing the right choice.

To conclude 

Hope you can find useful information to complete your online stores with the best free WooCommerce themes when reading our article.

Please follow our site for more interesting articles as well as secret tips and tricks to kick start your business plan for less.