Which hosting company accepts PayPal payment?

Sometimes, payment method could be the deciding factor when it comes to ordering a web host. While some prefer to pay with credit card; many other web shoppers prefer to pay with PayPal. Why many prefer PayPal payment over credit card? Well there are various explanations for this: For some, it feels safer using PayPal; others think it’s more convenient and some shoppers just do not own a credit card.

Surprisingly, not all hosting companies realized the situation and some refused to accept PayPal payment in their system. I ran a quick check on my top 10 hosting companies and noticed that they are 2 of them are not accepting PayPal payment.

Web Hosting Services Accept PayPal Payment?
Hostgator Yes
LunarPages Yes
BlueHost Yes
Fat Cow No
Web Hosting Pad No
HostMonster Yes
Pow Web Yes
HostPapa Yes
StartLogic Yes
AN Hosting No

I bet the FatCow and AN Hosting are losing some business due to lack of PayPal payment.

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