Best DDoS protected VPS Hosting provider: FAQs & reviews

Best DDoS protected VPS Hosting: Choose The Best Plan For Your Site 

It is important for you to find the best DDoS protected VPS hosting provider and keep your site secure. Based on research and statistic, DDoS attacks are on the rise and cost companies and enterprises more than ever.


What DDoS is? 

Best DDoS protected VPS

There are many of the most infamous hacks in computer history that were caused by DDoS attacks. But the most famous cyberattacks are when Xbox and PlayStation were down during Christmas 2014.

When a DDoS attack occurs, a hacker or a team of hackers is trying to crash someone’s website, network, or specific network component, like a router. There are numerous reasons that come down to these attacks. Some are caused by commerce while others are caused by hacker activists of “hacktivists” trying to emphasize their cause.

We can see many cases of DDoS attacks in commerce when competing companies have ruined one another to sabotage a company’s brand, undermine customer confidence, or drive traffic to their own site.

To prevent DDoS attacks, many corporations and companies, especially the one that has business lean on traffic, are trusted in DDoS protection services. In the past, most companies only call theses protection services when they are under attack, but as the rise of threats from DDoS attacks, the right defense is to protect your network from harmful hackers and troublesome attacks before threats become real.

So, please choose the best DDoS protected VPS hosting providers to keep your site covered and always lower the risk of DDoS attacks. ]

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How to pick the best hosts for DDoS protection? 

There are many companies that provide DDoS protection. Most of them typically use numerous techniques to protect your site, like third-party CDNs like Cloudflare as well as proprietary software.

These are the list of 5 best DDoS protected VPS hosting providers:

  • Inmotion Hosting
  • HostPapa
  • LiquidWeb
  • Network Solutions
  • KnownHost

The question is

How to select the best VPS hosting for DDoS protection? 

There are abundant choices of hosting plans that focus on DDoS mitigation tools, including traffic filtering, firewalls, Dos defense systems, and others.

Simply check which plans offer brilliant technical support plus proactive monitoring. Read real customer feedback, reviews, and analysis.

DDoS protection is a special service included in hosting plans of some hosting providers. Besides, DDoS protection can be offered by Internet service providers as well as Internet infrastructure companies to prevent the effect of a DDoS attack.

Thanks to DDoS attack protection, your site will be faced fewer threats. Otherwise, you can ensure the satisfaction to all visitors of your site when they won’t be affected by poor website performance during an attack.

Simply read VPS hosting reviews from real customers to find out which one is the best DDoS protected VPS to add to your virtual shopping bag.

While there are abundant choices of VPS servers to choose, it can be a little confusing for you to find the best one if you are a beginner with no experience. In this case, please check out the list of VPS servers to narrow the selections and easily get inspired by the Internet security experts.

Why does my business need protection? 

As researches, DDoS attacks become more popular and more sophisticated today. If you don’t have any plans to protect your company from DDoS attacks, you can easily fall victim to hackers. Do the best in risk management and take down the threats of DDoS attacks.

When you know the basics of a DDoS attack, you can picture the dangers of initiating your business online without protection. In case you operating a site-dependent on eCommerce or traffic, it is important for you to keep your site available to customers and users 24/7.


Choose the best DDoS protected VPS hosting providers today to eliminate the risk of DDoS attacks and kick start your online business plan with confidence.

Best DDoS protected VPS hosting providers

best DDoS protected VPS

DDoS prevention is only a feature of the VPS hosting plan. You should think carefully before choosing the best DDoS protected VPS hosting plan for your site.

In case you still don’t know which VPS hosting plan to shop for your site, explore through the list of top choices below.


InMotion is one of the best DDoS protected VPS hosting providers for you when selecting DDoS mitigation. It offers dedicated server hosting with cPanel to ensure performance, speed, and storage for customers at a reasonable price.

There are two choices of VPS hosting for you to pick up at InMotion.

Managed VPS hosting: for guided setup and development

Suitable for agencies, resellers, and business owners.

cPanel and WHM included to easily manage your server.

Server management support, plus updates and patching.

Self-managed Cloud VPS: for expert users without guidance

Suitable for system administrators and developers

Unmanaged command line VPS for flexibility and power.

Full root access w/ SSH keys for total control


  • Managed and Cloud VPS built on a high-performance platform
  • High-available servers keep you online 24/7
  • Protect your data with the backup manager
  • Unlocked CPUs unleash your site’s speed
  • Go back in time with live-state snapshots
  • Stay secure with DDoS attack protection
  • FREE SSDs give you 20X speed

Liquid Web

Liquid Web offers high-performance dedicated, cloud, plus hybrid hosting. With unrivaled hosting experience, the company knows how to deliver satisfaction to all customers like 99.999% uptime, 24/7 customer support.

As one of the best DDoS protected VPS, Liquid Web provides super-fast performance, with awesome flexibility for economic prices.

There are 4 basic VPS hosting plans for you to choose from for both Linux and Windows with prices from $39/month.


  • Unlimited sites, Gigabit transfer
  • Dedicated IP address, Cloudflare CDN.
  • Server secure advanced security and integrated firewall, DDoS attack protection
  • Local backups, cPanel/WHM available
  • Easy scalability (downgrade or upgrade)
  • Root access
  • 100% network and power uptime SLAs


KnowHost is another best DDoS protected VPS hosting provider. It is your high performance hosting partner with fully managed support.

The company has been around since 2006 for outstanding services, fully managed web hosting plans. From the first day of business, KnowHost has never stopped expanding to provide better Shared, Cloud, VPS, and dedicated hosting to fit any budget of customers.

You can choose your VPS hosting from 4 plans below.

Basic VPS server: $28.00/month 

2 GB Guaranteed RAM

2 Core CPU Processor

50 GB RAID-10 SSD Storage

2 IP Addresses

2 TB Premium Bandwidth

DirectAdmin or cPanel/WHM

Standard: $49/month

4 GB Guaranteed RAM

2 Core CPU Processor

100 GB RAID-10 SSD Storage

2 IP Addresses

3 TB Premium Bandwidth

DirectAdmin or cPanel/WHM

Professional: $63/month

4 Core CPU Processor

6 GB Guaranteed RAM

150 GB RAID-10 SSD Storage

4 TB Premium Bandwidth

2 IP Addresses

DirectAdmin or cPanel/WHM

Premium: $80.50/month

8 GB Guaranteed RAM

6 Core CPU Processor

200 GB RAID-10 SSD Storage

2 IP Addresses

5 TB Premium Bandwidth

DirectAdmin or cPanel/WHM

  • Features
  • DDoS protection with no additional cost
  • easily bill for slices of resources when reselling space
  • LiteSpeed and LSCache are available for a small monthly fee
  • Both DirectAdmin and cPanel are available for you to select your preferred one
  • Free instant setup

Network Solutions

If you are finding the best DDoS protected VPS hosting provider, don’t forget to take a look at available hosting services of Network Solutions.

The company is an ideal choice to experience the reliability of the web hosting in the cloud. Review 4 cloud hosting packages below to choose the best one to kick start your online business without worrying about the DDoS attack.

Starter: $5.69/month 

Ideal for anyone just starting out.

15 GB disk space

1 website

5 email boxes

Essential: $9.96/month 

Ideal for a personal website

300 GB disk space

3 websites

1000 email boxes

Domain name included

Sitelock (malware scanning)

Professional: $15.78/month

Ideal for entrepreneurs and freelancers

Unlimited disk space

10 websites

Unlimited email boxes

Domain name included

Sitelock premium (Auto malware removal, malware scanning)

Professional plus: $21.62/month 

Ideal for small business owners

Unlimited disk space

10 websites

Unlimited email boxes

Domain name included

Sitelock premium (malware scanning, auto malware removal)

SSL certificate


  • Proven reliability: Cloud web hosting allows customers to store files across multiple servers, plus keep your site available even if servers crash.
  • Malware scan and removal: Network Solutions performs a comprehensive scan that checks your site daily to detect and remove malware.

To note:

Each company has different marketing plans to satisfy customers so that sometimes you can get DDoS protected VPS for free while others offer you extras to get your site covered from DDoS attacks. Review the other features of each hosting plan carefully to find out the suitable one for your site.

Some VPS hosting providers also provide hosting promo codes and coupons for you to get your ideal package to come at a discounted price. Always remember to check the available hosting promo codes of the best DDoS protected VPS to make sure you don’t skip the chance to steal some coins from your order total.


Choosing the best DDoS protected VPS provider FAQs

Can a free Cloudflare account help with DDoS? 

When shopping for a hosting plan, sometimes you can meet up with a special package that includes free Cloudflare features. And the question is “does it help prevent DDoS attack?”. Yes. The free Cloudflare package contains the ability to active “I’m under attack” mode. In the event your site is under DDoS attack, you can activate this mode to block much of the illegitimate traffic and keep your real visitors out of low performances.

Does the DDoS attack cause lasting damage? 

Most DDoS attacks do not cause lasting damage. They only cause temporary damage to your site, especially on performance and loading speed. But a subset of DDoS attacks called PDoS (Permanent DoS) attacks is more dangerous than ever. It can cause firmware vulnerabilities as well as damaging or replacing it with malicious software, and the result is your site will be rendered unusable until it is replaced or repaired.

Should I buy a DDoS ransom? 

In the event you find your site facing a DDoS attack combined with a ransom demand, most Internet security experts recommend that you should pay the ransom.

In case you pay it, you can preview a short-lived reprieve coming with a renewed attack as well as another demand for payment. The smart task to do when facing a DDoS attack is to find partners, like your hosting provider, who can support you in fending off the attack.

To summarize 

Find the best DDoS protected VPS hosting provider for your site to always stay safe from DDoS attack and keep your traffic high. Hope you have found useful information from our article and find out the best way to build and manage your site with the perfect VPS hosting plan.