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Hostpapa is known as the leading company in high-value and low-cost hosting. Not only they offer hosting at an affordable price but also providing business-oriented services such as Microsoft Office 365, Cloudflare CDN, SiteLock, and more. Now you can take instant money off when it comes to our Hostpapa promo code, coupons and other coupon codes for Hostpapa. Keep your scrolling down to discover some great reviews on the Hostpapa service.

Who is Hostpapa?

Hostpapa was founded in 2006 as a Canadian-based privately owned web hosting company. They offered Hosting services more than 180,000 websites in 2016. Up to now, they have been operated in many countries such as Mexico, Canada, United Kingdom, United States, Singapore, India, Hong Kong, France, Belgium, Spain and more.

It is one of few independently owned Canadian based ICANN certified domain registrars.  In addition, you can get domain Free with most hosting accounts. Hostpapa is known as a hosting provider for everyone. They also great discounts for customers through Hostpapa promo code, Hostpapa coupons, and coupon codes.

Why choose Hostpapa?

Of course, although the headquarter is in Ontario Canada and the data center they support customers all over the world. Customers can discover Hostpapa with eleven different GTLDs including,, and many more. It is really shined on the additional features, spend and customer service when you experience great service of Hostpapa. Let’s visit Hostpapa right now and make more money off when it comes to our Hostpapa promo code, Hostpapa coupons, and other deals.

Hostpapa Hosting Plans


                                                                                           Hostpapa Hosting Plan

Hostpapa offers a wide selection of hosting plans geared to everyone. They focus on hosting plans which are scalable so that customers will have options to choose from. They have three options for you with Stater Plan, Business Plan, and Business Pro Plan. Customers also have a chance to take instant money off when using Hostpapa coupons, promo code, and deals.

All plans will need

They always try to make a plan suitable for everyone. The cheapest option should be started for smaller businesses and people who need a larger website can choose the phan that is more expensive. All plan will provide you with the following features:

  • Number of websites to use host
  • Bandwidth usage
  • SSD storage
  • Free domain registration†
  • Mobile-friendly responsive design templates
  • One-click app install for WordPress, Joomla, Drupal
  • Website Builder Edition

Customers can save on each online order when shop with our Hostpapa promo code, discount code and other deals to maximize your savings. Join now to discover and save big.

The most popular hosting plans

Business Pro is known as one of the most popular Hostpapa plans. This plan is so good for people who want to sell products online or build an e-commerce store. You can develop as well as scale the store easily.

Besides, WordPress also installed with WordPress optimized servers to help you save both time and money. If you want to choose other high-level plans from Hostpapa, you can select the plans with VPS and Reseller hosting available. However, these plans are not suitable for a beginner user. Would you like to build a long-term relationship with Hostpapa? Start right now to save big with our great Hostpapa promo code, Hostpapa coupons, and other discounts up to 75% OFF.

High-level Plans

If you want to upgrade your website with more things, you should choose high-level plans to start your business by scaling up the plan and access to new features such as:

More memory

More Disk space

More CPU power

Ability to host more websites

More robust backup solutions

Should you use Hostpapa Hosting Plan or not?

Many people ask the question is whether or not they should use Hostpapa Hosting plan. You can discover some reasons below to decide which the best hosting plan provider is for you. In addition, you can make more money off when shopping online when you use HostPapa coupon code, Hostpapa coupons, promo code, and other deals.

Hostpapa Rewards

                                                     Hostpapa Rewards

Hostpapa review awards are a good one for you to choose them.

They have proven through the long list of awards that they got through the years. They become the best choice when it comes to web hosting and running business. Let’s look at the rewards listed below:

  • Best Business Hosting
  • Hostpapa Reviews 10,262 Rating & reviewers
  • Excellent Service
  • Over 6,500 ratings
  • Best Small Business web hosting – top 3
  • Top Pick Web Hosts in 2011
  • Best Green Host
  • Best Web Host Award
  • Hostpapa Uptime

They have a 99.9 percent uptime and they support data from their history backs this up. However, there isn’t a discount on the payment if the site goes down.

Loading Time

Although their uptime is stellar, their loading time is long but they have some great features of security.

  • Security Feature of HostPapa
  • All people need to take their website security very seriously, the higher packages level have some other benefits including
  • Backups that are generated automatically
  • A free SSL certificate
  • Privacy protection for the domain
  • A dedicated AP address
  • These security features should not be underestimated.

All in one package

You can get all the features of the hosting plan in one package.  This package caters to a global audience and supports customers with the newest feature.


They use cPanel which helps people manage their server settings. Moreover, they also give customers more choices on other features such as help people work with their files, folders, working with domains and sub-domains, manage email, and more. It is perfect that cPanel can handle most basics features and give the most useful guide for the first time user to the interface.

Multi-language Support

They have hundreds of thousands of websites all over the world that is the reason why they can support customers in multi-language. It is also a good way for them to reach the global market.

Shared Hosting

All shared hosting plans are developed to meet all demands of people about bandwidth, disc space, or even the features.  There is a lot to digest when it comes to HostPapa so that let’s join now to see differences.

Money-Back Guarantee

A 3-day guarantee is a good time for you to test drive. If you use the free domain to register, the set-up fee comes out of the total refund. So, the business should know about this point when selecting a plan.

Hostpapa Pros & Cons

Is Hostpapa the right hosting service for your website? Let’s look at some pros and cons of Hostpapa below to give your decision.

The pros of HostPapa Hosting

One of the most fantastic things about Hostpapa is that their plans will come with tons of free extras in which you can take avail of the following things:

  • Reach more than 100 design templates that are friendly with the mobile.
  • It is easy for you to create a 3-page website
  • Easy drag and drop features for your website creation.
  • Easy menu creation for efficient navigation
  • It is ready for you to use numerous widgets and apps
  • FREE LetsEncrypt SSL Certificate
  • FREE Site Migrations

Moreover, you can get an advanced security suite for even the lower level plans at Hostpapa so that you can believe in starting your business with Hostpapa.

The cons of Hostpapa Hosting

Besides some good things, Hostpapa also has some drawbacks as listed below:

  • Peak times may cause by the chat support agents
  • The price options may lead misleading for some people
  • The back options are not automotive for lower-level plans

Is Hostpapa promo code useful for you?

Yes. When you use Hostpapa promo code, Host papa coupons and other deals you can take instant money off at your online order. Just search for the Hostpapa coupons and deals to place an online order, surely, you do not need to pay a full price.

Hostpapa FAQs

Why should you use Hostpapa over the competition?

They have over 70 years of experience of combing in web hosting services that allow them to build and offer high-quality products above the competition. In addition, they give great support experience along with dedicated one-on-one sessions with web hosting specialists to help you kick off your website.

How does web hosting work?

When you place an order of space and resource on a server that needs to build and present a website. HostPapa’s web hosting plan gives you the space and a ton of support features, tools and supports to help you develop your dream website.

Can I host multiple domain names and websites with Hostpapa service?

When it comes to Business and Business Pro plan, you can host many websites and domains that you like. For Start Plan, you only host up to two websites. It is so perfect for you to save more on each online order. When you choose Start Plan, don’t worry about when your website grows, you are willing to upgrade to a more powerful plan to meet your business.

What should I do when I have just purchased a web hosting plan?

When you sign up with Hostpapa, you will receive two emails following the address that you provide: a signup email and a billing notification email.

When you make a payment, you will receive a welcome email with login information along with some useful links to help you get started.  You can use all the information you get to access your Hostpapa hosting account.

Note: Please check your email within 24 hours both in your junk mail folder as well as your Inbox to make sure that you received an email or not. Please contact Hostpapa at [email protected] whenever you have any problem.

Will Hostppa help me move from my existing web hosting provider?

Yes, of course. They will do all the process that you don’t have to lift a finger. Moreover, it is free. But you have to make sure that you keep your current web hosting account until you speak to them. Just log into your account when you make a purchase at Hostpapa and open a support ticket with all of your information to start!

What kind of web hosting plan do you need?

You only need to select a plan based on the features that you want for your website. If you change your plan, please contact customer service 24/7 to get advice for your solutions. They will provide you with add-on options for you to customize the perfect web hosting solution.

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Hostpapa is one of the largest independently owned hosts providing you with great features and solutions for small to medium business size. Don’t worry about the price tags when it comes to the Hostpapa hosting plan because you can shop with our Hostpapa promo code, Hostpapa coupon codes and other coupons for Hostpapa.

Start your business plan right now to save big!

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