How to Create Free Email with Own Domain at Mail Yandex

Yandex & Zoho Mail are the best free Email service for your own domain name . You can read the article about Zoho Mail . In this post we will help you creat your own free domain name email with Yandex like

After Google grew, Google began charging Google Apps for email when it added its own domain for $ 5 per email. To Microsoft also stopped providing mail service add domain Hotmail ( own Russia’s Yandex has launched free email service with your own domain.

Email with Google Apps or Hotmail domains is a great technology in the world, there is no margin for stability when used safely, but when starting to charge for creating new emails for names Domain will be a concern for young people, small businesses or domain investors .

Yandex, a Google-like search engine in Russia, offers a free domain name service with Yandex, which supports POP3, IMAP up to 10GB / email and 1000 email / domain support. Through SMS as well as Apps on the ISO and Android platforms, it saves a lot of money. Quite simply to create an account from Mail.Yandex by creating an email account follow these steps:

  • Register to create a Yandex account
  • Log into Yandex domain admin and add your domain
  • Validating your domain (Verify domain ownership)
  • MX domain settings – Setup MX record
  • Create an email account for the domain
  • Configure Catch-All feature
  • Link direct email login
  • Create email login link
  • Create login form on website
  • Login email on Android phones & IOS
  • Login email using email management software
1) Create an email account Yandex:
2) Add domain to Yandex mail system:
After creating an email account with the form @, you login email, and the following link
3) Domain authentication:
There are many ways to upload files to as .html, or add Record CNAME to DNS or DNS point to Yandex.
4) MX Settings for Mail:
Subdomain name: @
Server: (Must have the sign (.) At the bottom)
Mail type: MX
Priority: 10

5) Create your desired domain email:

6) Add Record CNAME to

Subdomain name:  mail
Record type:  CNAME

7) Configure mail delivery with IMAP or SMTP 

Port: 993 with SSL enebled
Port: 465 with SSL enabled

With the following steps you can quickly create a free email with your own domain and can transfer non-existent emails to any email you specify.

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