Fix httpd not be start in Kloxo

For version 6.1.7 and earlier Kloxo:

Run command to reinstall apache:

# yum reinstall httpd

Perform Update version for apache:

# httpd -v

Delete the following files:



After deleting the files, run the fix for all hosting accounts on kloxo:

# sh /script/fixweb

You wait for the operating system to fix the advanced hosting accounts, time fix depends on the number of accounts on the system hosting your kloxo.

– For 6.1.0 or later version:

SSH login with root privileges, run the command:

# /script/fixweb

Wait for the system fix is ​​complete, reboot the server and access the back Kloxo. In severe cases faulty httpd not fix command you to backup data Kloxo then proceed to install the VPS and Kloxo.

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