Hawk Host changes the SSL enabled method, leaving Let’s Encrypt in cPanel

Currently when you visit HawkHost cPanel will no longer see the link to activate Let’s Encrypt SSL. Do not worry, this feature has been moved to new areas only.

HawkHost Auto Install SSL

Now to enable SSL for free Let’s Encrypt you will need to go to the SSL / TLS Status area


HawkHost changed the SSL activation method with a single AutoSSL button. All you have to do is click on the whole domain name you will be granted SSL certificate, very simple

Note: You need to change Domain DNS to HawkHost before activating SSL if using CloudFlare please turn off the yellow cloud

For some reason you do not want to use SSL, click the Exclude from AutoSSL link corresponding to the domain/subdomain or tick multiple domain names and click the Exclude Domains button during AutoSSL.

Previously, the SSL certificate has problems you can only know when accessing the website directly. With this change, you will receive an email notification of SSL certificate activity more frequently when the certificate is renewed, the certificate expires, an error occurred while running AutoSSL.

To customize the number of messages you want to receive, click the Contact Information link in cPanel.

With other hosting providers, you still do the same as the installation instructions Let’s Encrypt.

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