Virtual hosting vs dedicated server hosting

Selecting a good hosting service is a matter of great concern. When it comes to select between a virtual and a dedicated service, many of the newbie webmasters get confused. Identifying the difference between the two may make it easy for them to find out the best type of hosting.

Best identification of differences will be to outline the advantages and disadvantages of Virtual hosting and Dedicated Hosting, and here it goes:

Virtual Hosting


  • Available at cheaper rates: Shared hosting being the most common and much demanded type of hosting is available at low rates.


  • Slow Server Response: Since your site is sharing resources with many other sites hosted at the same server, there may be a slow response time.
  • IP Sharing: Shared IP addresses may not be big issues, but just identifies the other sites hosted on same server.
  • Bad Neighborhood: Sometimes you don’t want to be linked with or associated with some sort of sites, i.e. adult content, gambling sites etc, but in case of shared hosting, there’s a possibility that such sites are hosted on the same server your site is.

Dedicated Hosting


  • Your own dedicated server: This provides you with a space that’s completely yours, i.e. only your sites are there and nothing else.
  • No bandwidth issues: Since there’re no other sites that may delay the server response time, and the specific resources are allocated just to your site, there’s no bandwidth issue.


  • High Cost: The only disadvantage of dedicated hosting is that it’s very expensive!

What Should I Have, Shared or Dedicated Hosting?

From the above differences, it’s very clear that virtual hosting is quite OK for you, if you don’t have a high traffic site. Dedicated hosting is a solution, if you’re having a high traffic site, The other issues like bad neighborhood and IP sharing thing can, however, be managed by finding a quality web hosting service that doesn’t allow such content plus offers unique IPs.

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