Top 4 Free Domain name registration

You are a newbie in the field of the web, want to create a website for yourself, but funding is not allowed. Or want to test free domain services, free hosting for later experience. So in this article, I would like to introduce you to the list of the best free domain name registration website.

The advantage of the free domain name is that you do not spend any cost. However, if you want to develop your own brand, then you should register.COM domain or .NET for professional. At the same time, it creates trust from readers.

1.Free Domain at DOT.TK

This is the site that registered the first domain name for an opera blog now offers you free domain names like .tk, .ml, .ga, .cf, .gq. In that. .tk I see many people use the registration. In addition to you can visit to register offline


Free domain and free hosting at

At this site in addition to the free domain registration with extension, you can also sign up for more free hosting package with a capacity of 1000MB,  5000MB of bandwidth , and especially without ads. Too good to be friends

3.Free domain at

Here your domain name is but one thing you should note: when using the domain here you need a link back to page at your home page.

4.Free domain name .XYZ


You willl get domain name included email & webpage. But only for US & Canada only.


The above is that I have finished recommending you the list of sites for free domain name registration best known. As I said at the beginning, these sites are now reputable. But if for some reason, it no longer maintains the free domain registration anymore, then all efforts to build your domain also lost. I recommend only for your reference, mainly for the newbie is the main. Finally, if possible, register top domains such as .com, .net … for absolute assurance


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