What is Addon Domains? Illustrated for using Addon Domains

Typically, when you buy a hosting package, the hosting provider will create a cPanel account and ask you to provide a primary domain, which will be used for the primary domain.

However, if you choose a high quality hosting package, large capacity and website ( using the main domain ) you use still have space left, you want to use the remaining space to do hosting for a website. others, then this is when you need to function ” Addon domains “ ( subdomains ) of cPanel.

addon domain

Simply put, Addon Domains is a tool on cPanel that allows you to run more than one website in the same hosting, another source web.

Illustrated for using Addon Domains

use addon domain

For example: You buy a hosting with the domain name is temien1.com , your upload source code directory will be / public_html / . When you use cPanel’s Addon Domains function to add a subdomain ( eg tenmien2.com ), the upload source code directory (the default ) will be  /public_html/domain2.com/.

  • domain1.com -> / public_html /
  • domain2.com -> /public_html/domain2.com/

For example, you can see two different domain names and two different source code paths. If you continue to create some Addon Domains ( domain3.com, domain4.com, domain5.com … ) other then the directory path continues is  /public_html/domain3.com/, /public_html/domain4.com/, / public_html / domain5.com / 

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