HawkHost releases an update for Cpanel version 66

On this month We will introduce to you the latest version of cPannel – version 66, was introduced on the official site of Hawk Host . As always, every update of cPannel always has improvements and fixes. Let’s see kite through offline!

Improved SSL / TLS status page
cPannel 66 introduces a new enhancement to the SSL / TLS status page, which gives you full control over the Auto SSL feature. You can access the SSL / TLS status page in the search bar under the security tab in cPanel as shown below:

Once you get to the SSL / TLS status page, you will see that in addition to the SSL / TLS status lines of the certificates , you can now add or remove certificate captions in domains and subdomains.

Update phpMyAdmin

The phpMyadmin section in cPanel has also been updated from 4.6 to 4.7 with significant improvements and fixes. You can read the entire changelog update of phpMyAdmin here .

Improved performance of Web Server

Litespeed is already the fastest web server available today, but it’s always possible to speed up the process faster. In the cPanel version 66, the system will search for the .htaccess file faster, thus improving the overall speed of the server.

These features have not been updated from Hawk Host

If you look through the updated features notice, you will see features that have not been updated. The reason for this, is because the publisher will update the updates for these features, such as:

Application Manager

In the cPanel version 66, the concept of application manager has been introduced by Hawk Host, which runs on Ruby 2.4. However, Application Manager can now run on multiple versions of Ruby and Python. On the publisher side, they are always looking to improve this feature on cPanel so that everything works the best.

WordPress Manager

Similar to Application Manager, cPanel has introduced the WordPress manager, but this feature only works with WordPress installed by the autoinstaller itself. You can look through Softaculous, which not only allows you to install WordPress but also over 430 other applications. Hawkeyes once mentioned the lack of detail direction of this feature and the cPanel development team has confirmed that in the near future, they will detect any flaws and support the installation of WordPress for all accounts. right.

On the latest Hawk Host announcements on cPanel as well as new updates, if you have used cPanel through and share the Want to hear and hear everyone, let’s leave comments below!

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