How to Install Vesta Control Panel for VPS linux

Besides the current VPS management panel as  Sentora  also Vesta Control Panel ,it has many users and particularly simple installation.

You can install Vesta CP on all OS as : CentOS 5, CentOS 6, Ubuntu LTS, Ubuntu 13:04, 13:10 Ubuntu, Debian 7, RHEL 5, RHEL 6.

When using Vesta CP, you will automatically install all the packages needed to be able to manage and use the VPS is immediately. For example, Web Server, DNS Server, Database Server, Mail Server, FTP Server. If you do not use can be turned off completely to save resources VPS.

A further feature of Vesta CP is that it uses 2 simultaneous web server: nginx and apache, nginx as frontend webserver which is also apache webserver application. This model will help optimize server operations more efficient than installing one webserver.

Vesta Control Panel Settings

To Start with the installation you must use a new VPS not install anything .

The steps:

1. Download script

curl -O

2. Run the script


Vesta will show the package will be installed on VPS, you press y to confirm and proceed with the installation.

Then you sit and wait 10-15 minutes to automatically install applications. Eventually the screen will display the login information and you will receive an email with similar content.

Some pictures of Vesta Control Panel

Vesta login screen:


More information about VestaCP you can visit to homepage :  Vesta Control Panel

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