Linode coupon codes 2018: Get free $20 credits for new account

Have you heard of Linode yet?

If you are looking for a server-side service, the name Linode probably is not strange.

In addition to Vultr , RamnodeLinode is one of the most popular cloud servers in the world with 8 data centers: Atlanta (Georgia, USA), Dallas (Texas), Fremont (California, USA) , Newark (New Jersey, USA), London (England), Tokyo (Japan), Singapore and Frankfurt (Germany).

Linode Cloud VPS

Linode’s services have a lot of good reviews with high-quality cloud servers, with the excellent and fast support team. If you have never tried Linode, here is a good chance to get a free $ 20 coupon to try out.

They offer a variety of hosting plans with diverse configurations tailored to each customer’s needs. Linode’s servers use KVM virtualization technology with SSDs. Linode is divided into two main groups.

Standard Plans: universal packages that meet the general needs of a balanced configuration of RAM, CPU and storage capacity. Lowest price is 5 $ / month ($ 0.0075 / hour) for 1GB of RAM, 20GB SSD, 1 CPU Core, 1TB of bandwidth.

High Memory Plans: Plans with servers that have the most up-to-date RAM configurations that fit the needs of a lot of rams like rendering or processing data.

Linode Coupon code and Discount codes

On this time, We have 4 Linode coupons now, it can help you get up to $20 credit for all new accounts.

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*** The program only applies to new accounts only. Payment by Visa / Master card, after registration, is completed PayPal. Note: Do not subscribe to multiple accounts.

What do you prepare for when registering a VPS in Linode?

To sign up for an account in Linode, you only need one thing. It’s a Visa / MasterCard. Then you need to load a minimum of $ 5 into your Linode account when signing up.

How to use Linode coupons?

The first step, You need to go to our site and find “Linode coupon”. Click on Green Button for getting $20 credit coupon code.

Enter your Email, Username, and Password to create your Linode account.

Then Linode will send you a confirmation email. Click on this to activate your account.

Next, you will switch to the Linode Manager screen. Click on the OK Let’s complete my signup button.

Now you have to fill your information in the registration form.

Put the Linode discount code in Promotion Code and Enter credit card information.

Linode promotion box

Finish, You need to check the box I agree to the Term of Service e and click on Add Credit button.

You will receive notification that the account will be reviewed. Wait for some hours then your account will active.

After a while, your account will receive the activation email.

Finally, You will see $ 20 credit already in your Linode account.

linode 20 credit

Good luck to you. If you need helps you can leave a comment.

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