HawkHost BlackFriday 2018 coupon: Save 70% on all Hosting Plans

The Black Friday Sale from Hawkhost has started. You can save 70% on all the hosting plans at HawkHost when using our special Hawkhost coupon.

HawkHost Black Friday 2018 coupon

According to the official announcement, Hawk Host’s Black Friday will begin on November 22nd, 2008, offering two options for customers:

Save 70% off your first bill, or Discount up to  55% lifetime, the extension also applies.

However, the time may be earlier, You can update all of the HawkHost coupon codes in our article. Also visit this article regularly to update more information and note before you decide to pay.

A lifetime coupon is usually lower than the first coupon, but all subsequent extensions are discounted, without having to spend more time migrating and registering for a new hosting package. This is really a great discount opportunity from Hawkhost so take advantage of this opportunity to buy Hosting time from 2 years or more.

For more information, please visit  https://www.hawkhost.com

This black Friday discount code can be used for all products at HawkHost. You will get a 70% discount for the first time or 55% forever when you purchase Shared Host, Cloud, VPS, Semi-Dedicated and Reseller Hosting services.

  • Shared Hosting at Hawk Host has similar resource limits, not limited to the number of domains used, but you need to consider the capacity between 2 packages (10GB and Unlimited) to register.
  • The new Hawk Host launches the Cloud Hosting Web service recently, but its reference is not so different from traditional hosting, from plan to plan. Even the registration link is the same. Ability Hawk Host introduced to do SEO alone nothing special.
  • Reseller Hosting has limited server resources similar to Shared Hosting packages, but the difference is that you can split a package into several packages with separate cPanel account to share with others to use. You should also consider storage space before signing up.
  • Semi-Dedicated is a higher-configuration, more-buffered, and better-configured Shared Hosting package. Suitable for medium and large sites.
  • If you want to use Cloud Server service, I encourage use at the provider specializing in cloud servers such as Vultr or Linode.
  • Similar to Cloud Server, if you want to use VPS, I encourage use in the world famous vendors such as Ramnode or Contabo. Host Hawk specializes in Shared Hosting.

Click to Button below to get HawkHost Black Friday 2018 coupon

Services 70% Off First time order 55% Off Lifetime coupon
Shared Host
Cloud Web Hosting
Reseller Hosting
Cloud Server
VPS Server

***You can make Payment by Visa/ Master or PayPal. Applies to both old and new accounts. Coupons will be valid until 26/11/2018.


  • The Cloud Server promotion only applies to the Dallas, New York City, Singapore location. Not available for 1GB package.
  • Promotional Cloud Web Hosting only applies to location Dallas, New York City, Singapore.
  • VPS promotion applies only to Amsterdam & Los Angeles locations.

Good luck to you!

HawkHost BlackFriday 2018 coupon: Save 70% on all Hosting Plans

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