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Do you want to find a global cloud hosting tool with 100% KVM Virtualization and warp-10 fast SSD VPS cloud servers? Just enter Vultr. Vultr offers great performance SSD cloud servers for customers around the world. They are the most efficient and reliable service in the hosting field. To get better prices, please remember to use Gift code Vultr, Free credit Vultr, Vultr coupon codes, and deals when you shop on Vultr’s website.

Vultr Pro general questions

Gift code Vultr

Do they charge for stopped instances?

Yes. In general, stopped cases carrying on reserving dedicated system resources including CPU, RAM, IP aliases, and SSD storage will be incurred fees unless you destroy the instance. Just use the DESTROY button located in the customer portal to stop the state completely. 

I want to bill for object storage. Is it possible?

Yes, of course. It cost $5.00 per subscription of object storage. This storage includes 1000 GB outbound bandwidth and 250 GB storage. Please take note that additional storage will be billed at $0.02 per GB and  $0.01 per GB is charged for additional outbound bandwidth. In case you haven’t known yet, then ‭1073741824 bytes is equal to 1 GB. 

How about “Two Factor Auth”?

You can configure an additional means of authentication on the account through two-factor authentication. You will be required with an additional login step after you enter your password every time you log into Vultr’s account. So your account is protected more carefully. They support this feature for Yubikey and Google Authenticator devices. However, Vultr no longer supports two-factor authentication for Authy devices anymore. 

Tell me more about the data collecting policy.

Many customers ask about this point. Vultr understands that thing so they always respect customers’ privacy. They have many rules to protect private information. They will not collect your personal data without your permission. The customer’s information is collected in different circumstances. This company gathers and saves customers’ data through:

  • The online pages like Twitter
  • Customer surveys
  • Customers’ actions on their page like creating an account, making an order, and so on.

I always worry about security issues when purchasing online. Is there any risk when I buy on Vultr’s website?

No. You do not need to worry about security since they make sure of your personal information’s safety. This business uses the newest technology to protect the data bank. They follow the physical and electronic processes in security. Don’t worry! No one can know anything about you even basic information like name, phone number, and email address. 

How many services that Vultr provides?

They offer many different services but in general, they have 9 main products. Here are they:

  • Cloud Compute
  • Load Balancers
  • High-Frequency Compute
  • Bare Metal
  • Block Storage
  • Object Storage
  • Dedicated Instances
  • Direct Connect
  • DDoS Protection

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What purposes do they use customers’ personal data for?

This company collects and uses clients’ personal information for many business purposes below:

  • Handle your requests, transactions, purchases, and prevent transactional fraud
  • Supply the services that you request
  • Provide buyers with support such as responding to customers ‘inquiries, addressing clients’ concerns and improving the responses in the future
  • Respond to law enforcement requests
  • Provide and support their website, items, and services
  • Maintain, customize, and secure your account with them

How about Load Balancers? 

Load Balancers are responsible for distributing incoming traffic across many instances of the application. For instance, if you run an e-commerce website. You recognize that your traffic is rising more and more. To accommodate this traffic, you should deploy upgraded instances of your website. A load balancer is a perfect choice in this case since Load balancers will support up to 10 instances as well as 10,000 simultaneous connections. The load balancer will help to distribute traffic among the instances of your application.

Through a load balancer, you could: 

  • Scale your application: you have chances to deploy more instances to raise the amount of traffic that you can process
  • Improve your uptime: The load balancer will divert traffic to running nodes in case any instance goes offline.

What are the advantages of Vultr’s Dedicated Cloud Instance service?

This service has many strong points. 

  • 100% SLA guaranteed: enterprise-grade performance and stability. 
  • Powerful API: integrate with the API to quickly destroy, spin up, and control all the instances.
  • Custom ISOs: deploy any operating system of your selecting.
  • 100% Intel cores: newest generation Intel CPUs ensure consistent performance.
  • Solid-state drives: blazing fast read and write speeds on solid-state disk hardware.
  • Root administrator access: full root access as well as a dedicated IP address along with all VMs.
  • Private networking: establish isolated regional personal networks for your applications.
  • Public IPv6 network: develop for the next generation of internet protocol.

Gift code Vultr

How to get Vultr promo codes?

There are many sources to update the latest Gift code Vultr, Vultr promo codes, and Free credit Vultr, and deals: 

  • Leave your mail on Vultr’s system to know all the information about promotions, new packages, and more. These emails will be sent to you weekly.
  • Search on the Internet to find the active Vultr renewal promo code, discount, and offer. 
  • Access the website of this company, click on the “Coupons” section to have a general look about the hottest codes.  
  • Access to gather the latest gift codes and coupon codes since we will update the discount list regularly through our new reviews and articles. 

How to use Vultr coupon codes?

After you get Gift code Vultr, Free credit Vultr, Vultr coupon codes, and discounts, you need to know how to use them. Please take a glance at the instructions below to redeem your code: 

Step 1. Select a Vultr promo code that helps you to save the most.

Step 2: Just copy the coupon code that you have now

Step 3: Go to and start shopping.

Step 4. Choose the package that you want into the shopping basket. 

Step 5: Enter your Vultr discount code to the coupon box.

Step 6. Fill in your information and find the payment part to complete your purchases.

*Note: No code is provided if you shop with Vultr deal from our website.

My coupons didn’t work. Why did that happen?

Maybe you make some mistakes while using coupons. Scan and skim some typical reasons below for this issue:

  • Customers use inactive discounts. 
  • Shoppers use two or more coupons for a transaction. 
  • A code is used twice. You need to notice that all the discounts cannot be used repeatedly.
  • Buyers typed the Vultr promo code inaccurately. Just try one more time in this case. 
  • Some discounts work on some specific items only. Don’t use them for other items.

Active Gift code Vultr

Yes, of course. You could find Gift code Vultr, Free credit Vultr, and deals that are available all the time in the year. Here are some typical Vultr coupons:

  • Gift code Vultr $50 Free Credit for the new account
  • Get Vultr coupon codes $5 Credits Deploy WordPress 
  • Receive Vultr deals $3 credits FREE when following Vultr on Twitter 
  • $153 Free credit Vultr

Does this company have promo codes when deploying WordPress?

Yes. You will get $5 Credits when you deploy WordPress. Don’t skip this great code!

I have just created a new account. Can I receive any gift codes?

Yes. Vultr offers you $50 Free Credit if you create a new account on their system at this time. 

Do they have many special discounts on New Year’s Day?

Yes, absolutely. New Year’s Day is a big holiday in the year with an uncounted number of attractive discounts. Apart from New Year’s Day, you can take great promo codes and coupons for many special occasions such as Easter, Christmas, and more. Don’t forget to use wonderful deals. These discounts will help you to make big savings.

Can I find any discounts for small businesses?

No. Vultr doesn’t offer specific coupons that are applied to small companies. However, you can easily find other discounts that help you to save up a considerable amount of money when you shop on Vultr’s website.

Does Vultr provide me with discounts when I follow them on Twitter?

Yes, of course. Your account will be added up $3 right away if you follow Vultr on Twitter or verify your twitter account.

Does Vultr have special birthday discount codes?

No. Shoppers can rarely find any promo codes for birthdays. Don’t worry! You can still enjoy other wonderful Vultr promo codes, discount codes, voucher codes, and deals that are applied for many items.

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*Note: All Vultr coupons are valid in a short time. You need to check regularly to get active Vultr renewal promo codes.

More about Vultr

How to get Social with Vultr?

Customers should connect with Vultr on Twitter since they can find all the latest Gift code Vultr, promo codes, Free credit Vultr, discount codes, and Vultr coupon codes as well as a lot of interesting news about new items. Choose the link below to go to the Home Page.


The story of this company

Vultr coupon codes

Vultr was founded in 2014 by David Aninowsky. This company supplies high-performance SSD cloud servers for customers in many countries and territories. They provide 100% solid-state drives (SSD) and use the latest generation Intel CPUs with a feature-rich control panel. A customer can select among 14 low latency locations on the globe and he/she gets the cloud server instance spun up in 1 minute. The cheapest cloud hosting package is $5.00/month. Please register Vultr and your account will be added $5 to enjoy the free cloud hosting platform. You will receive nothing but satisfaction when you come to Vultr. Please use Gift code Vultr, Free credit Vultr, Vultr coupon codes, and deals to save the best when you buy any hosting packages on Vultr’s website. 

Payment methods

They accept major payment methods including Paypal, Visa, Master cards, Wechat Pay, BTC, Alipay, and Prepaid cards. If your credit card isn’t accepted, it might come from two following reasons.  

  • Customers choose the wrong currency.
  • No money is available in customers’ credit cards. 

In general, you should choose Paypal, AliPay, or Wechat Pay since these forms of payments are more secure and convenient. No matter what kinds of payment methods that you choose, don’t forget to use Gift code Vultr, Free credit Vultr, Vultr coupon codes, and deals to save the best every time you shop at Vultr.

Contact Vultr

Their friendly support staff is available to be ready to support you 24 hours a day, seven days a week. They look forward to hearing from you. The support team is available to assist customers with the domain, hosting, and online presence needs. This company knows you’re busy, so they provide you with a number of selections below for you to connect them:

  • Message: click on the “Contact” term and find the message box to leave your questions or comments. Press “send” to finish your requirement. 
  • Social Support: you can connect them by using the messenger feature on Twitter 
  • Mailing: send a letter to 14 Cliffwood Ave, Suite 300, Metropark South, Matawan, NJ 07747

Data Center Locations

Vultr has 16 Server Locations Worldwide. They launch SSD VPS on the worldwide KVM-based platform with the same high performance on the globe. That’s why you could easily spin up as well as scale your infrastructure solution. 

Vultr optimizes regularly their routing and peering agreements to make sure customers’ VMs experience a low latency as well as a high-performance network. You could spin up an SSD VPS in 16 different cities in the world. And don’t worry about the quality of the VPS server’s performance since it is always great. 

Last message

Enjoy the global cloud hosting service on Vultr’s website. Remember to use Gift code Vultr, discounts, Free credit Vultr, Vultr coupon codes, and deals to get more savings in your pocket. Purchase now to see differences.