GoDaddy coupon codes: 30% OFF your entire order

GoDaddy was found in 1997 by Bob Parsons. This company was located in Scottsdale, Arizona, U.S. GoDaddy was known as one of the top successful web hosting businesses. They have more than 9000 employees and serve about 18.5 million customers all over the world. You have a variety of hosting packages at an affordable price by using GoDaddy promo codes, GoDaddy coupon codes, and GoDaddy discounts. These coupons will help you to save a lot of money.

GoDaddy Pro program

GoDaddy Pro program

The most outstanding point of Pro sites is using a single dashboard to manage all customers’ GoDaddy products. This means you don’t need to log in to each site, you still know whether WordPress/theme/plug-in updates change sites or not. Moreover, Pro sites help you manage a lot of websites easily. Especially, you have to pay no fees for its support. Experts recommend you to use Pro sites due to its advantages. Just keep reading to know that the benefits of Pro sites bring to you and your business.

Firstly, it helps you to save your money. Well, when you use Pro sites, you have a chance to use GoDaddy’s Pro tools for free. Besides, if you work with another web hosting business. It charges no extra fee.

Secondly, you can manage all customers easier because you have to use only one dashboard. This means Pro sites will improve efficiency and flexibility for the client’s management process. Other than that, you can you GoDaddy coupon codes and GoDaddy promo codes when you checkout so you need to pay a little money to own excellent Pro sites.

Thirdly, it will support you to save time. This point is quite clear since you have to only log in once. Only one-click, you will know about the updating of plugins and themes on all WordPress sites. Besides, you don’t need to worry about backups or migrations of WordPress since all these things will be automated. With Pro sites, the website management process will take no longer hours and hours.

Finally, you can provide the site executive summary to the clients easily. Customers will know the status of their sites since they will feel satisfied with this.

GoDaddy Pro general questions

GoDaddy Pro sites

How does Pro Sites fit into GoDaddy Pro?

Don’t worry! GoDaddy Pro program has a group of tools which are Pro Sites, Pro Rewards, and Pro Clients. Pro Sites will always fit into GoDaddy Pro automatically. When you use Pro Sites, you can control every WordPress website easily.

What features in Pro Sites are free and which are paid?

A lot of tools in Pro Sites are charged no fee. Especially, the updating process, basic management, and maintenance are free.

However, you have to make note that some below services are charged a little fee.

  • Branded reports
  • Automated security checks
  • Cloud backups and cloning
  • Migration and uptime monitoring
  • Performance monitoring

How are premium services priced and billed?

There is a limited list of hosting sites at GoDaddy. That’s why when you use other sites that not hosted, you need to pay more fees for migration, branded reports, cloud backups, uptime monitoring, cloning, migration, performance monitoring as well as automated security checks.

Is it safe to expose my WordPress information for all my sites?

Yes, it is. However, many customers still have concerns about this point. They understand so they allow you to choose your options on your own. Although they commit that all personal data are safe. If you still want more security, you can install the Pro Sites Worker plugin by yourself. In other cases, Pro Sites will activate for you. You only need to supply your username as well as your password for the first time. Your information is used to install the plugin and the system will not save the data.

What if I already own a Pro Sites account?

That’s good. You don’t have to waste your time to fill in your username and password again. They will link your Pro sites account to your dashboard automatically. Then, you can use other pro tools including Pro Sites, Pro Rewards, and Pro Clients.

30% OFF your entire order

As you know, GoDaddy has 22 years of history. They gain the trust of customers by providing high-quality hosting website tools. They receive many positive comments and feedback from clients as well as experts in this field. It is not an easy path but they still get a certain achievement. Especially, the price of their service is low when you compare with other providers’ one. You can find many GoDaddy codes, GoDaddy discount codes, and GoDaddy free vouchers at this time. However, you have to note that all GoDaddy coupon codes are valid in a short time. You need to check regularly to get GoDaddy coupon codes.

There are a lot of deals when you visit their website now. This list below is typical discounts from them.

  • Only $5 .com Domain
  • $1 a month Hosting for Web hosting
  • $1 a month for WordPress
  • 30% OFF your entire order

Now, let’s look at the list again. The deep discount this Fall is 30% OFF your entire order. Here’s your special chance to own the best service at the lowest price. You can save up to 30% OFF for all new GoDaddy orders. Besides, you also get up to 10% in-store credit when you shop.

How do you use this coupon code? Well, you only need to click to “show code” button. You will see the code for this deal: GDD30off. Now, you copy it and paste on the promo code box when you checkout.


GoDaddy provides comprehensive website hosting solutions. They have millions of loyal customers all over the world. GoDaddy always focuses on high-quality tools at a reasonable price. They support you to manage data and create a dream website for you and your company. Don’t forget GoDaddy coupon codes to save your budget.


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