Blocking Spam mail on Direct Admin

When you provide hosting service based on hosting management tools Direct Admin, you are usually provided with the service mail server in Direct Admin built. This increases the utility for customers, but sometimes abused for spam email from the server hosting you, leading to the risk of your IP is included in the black list and can not send mail anymore this paper Tell you a way to limit spam mail from the hosting by the Direct Admin tool.

The big guns on google or yahoo mail as often pose a regulation that if a public ip and 100 emails sent to one of their customers in one day, they will be classified as spam. So simple algorithm that we will limit each one of our customers in a day may only send out 99 emails. This method can make the hosting customers a little upset, but it will protect consumers as well as other customers shared hosting on the same server, the same IP. And moreover this is  the email service for free  so if customers need to send more emails they should also move through the  email service  charge other professional and more convenient.

Login to the administration page hosting with admin rights, then navigate to the Extra Features, then click on Administrator Settings as shown below:

Administrator Settings page opens when you switch to an email and see option “Daily Email Limit …” Please type in the number 99 as shown in the following figure to limit each hosting account may only send out 99 emails per day .


  • Want to know is there any account from the hosting server is spam or not you log into the server with root privileges and execute the command  ls / etc / virtual / usage /  you will notice in this directory are the files of the form username . bytes . This is the log file records the number of bytes of emails sent from the account called username. If the next file you saw username.bytes 1 again named files with no extension username, definitely this user is spam. username file no amount of mail sent out.
  • In the  Admin Tool  of Direct Admin Section  Mail Queue Administration  is also a tool that can be used to check for email is spam or not, because normally the command will send bulk mail can be a queue here
  • If you log into the server as root, you can use two commands to check which email is spam address:  cd / var / log / exim  and then  grep ‘A = login:’ mainlog * | less
  • You can also use the following command linux to limit the number of emails allowed to send out instead of the Direct Admin tool:  echo 200> / etc / virtual / limit
  • We can also limit the amount of email to every user, not necessarily limited to all the users using the aforementioned file limit. To do that, check in the file with this snippet /etc/ or not? if not, they must add:   if (open (LIMIT, “/ etc / virtual / limit_ $ name”)) … then you create files  limit_username  using the following command  echo 50> / etc / virtual / limit_username  which username is the name of the hosting account. This will limit the username own account may only send out 50 emails per day
  • Finally, even if you can provide the tool for users to actively limit the emails sent out to every mailbox one of the following commands: (1) create files limited by command  echo 50> / etc / virtual / USER_LIMIT (2) added the following line to file a directadmin.conf:  echo user_can_set_email_limit = 1 >> /usr/local/directadmin/conf/directadmin.conf  and (3) restart DirectAdmin  /etc/init.d/inetd DirectAdmin restart . Note that this feature only applies to version 1.42.0 onwards DirectAdmin


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