StableHost coupons: 50% OFF on Web Hosting Starter and Pro

StableHost started their business in 2009. StableHost has about 15 employees. This company treats customers as part of the family. There are a lot of web hosting vendors in the world. But StableHost always has a certain place in this field. They provide diverse web hosting services at cheap prices. You should use StableHost coupons, StableHost promo codes, and StableHost discount codes to save more money when you make any purchases. 

StableHost general questions

About StableHost

How could I contact StableHost?

If you have any questions about StableHost coupons as well as StableHost tools and solution, please connect StableHost through the following ways:

  • Phone call: make a call through  (855) 720-2654
  • Fax: send a fax through  (480) 436-6674
  • Email: send an email via [email protected]
  • Message: you could use the message feature to contact directly StableHost Customer Care Support department. Just click the “Contact us” section. Next, you type your text on the “Message” box, fill in your information and press “Send message” button to complete the request. 

I want to transfer a domain to StableHost. How do I do that?

You have to follow instructions below if you want to transfer a domain to this company: 

  • Unlock your domain
  • Disable ID Protection 
  • Take the EPP code 
  • Buy the domain transfer on StableHost’s website. 

The domain registration transfer process will be finished after 1 week. If you have to wait longer, please contact the customer care support team right away. They will help you with all their best on this issue. 

What payment methods can I use?

This business accepts many credit cards which are Discover, Visa, Mastercard, and American Express. Besides, you can pay your purchase by using Paypal as well. And remember to use our StableHost coupons, discount codes, vouchers, and deals to save more money when you checkout. 

How long does it take to set up an account?

Since all transactions will be checked manually, it might take a little bit longer than the automatic method. However, this manual way is more secure. You will receive details about your account after a half-day. 

How to get Social with StableHost?

You can follow StableHost on some social networks to find the latest StableHost coupons, discount codes, and deals as well as the new item information. Click one of the networks below to go to the Home Page.

StableHost web hosting services

StableHost supplies many kinds of web hosting tools and solutions for both businesses and personal users. Customers will be supported by experienced staff. More than that, the price levels that this company offers for their services are acceptable. Buyers can find many popular StableHost coupons such as StableHost 50% OFF on Web Hosting Starter and Pro, StableHost $0.20 on SE domains in the first year, and StableHost 70% off on all shared hosting & reseller plans. However, StableHost discount codes are valid in a short time. That’s why you need to check regularly to get these StableHost deals and promo codes. 

Let’s take a look at the list below to know about all StableHost web hosting services:

WordPress Hosting

All packages: 

  • Starter: Only $1.75 / month instead of $3.50 / month (StableHost coupons 50% OFF). If you are a beginner, this is the perfect choice for you. 
  • Pro: $3.75/ month instead of $7.50 / month (using StableHost coupons to save 50% OFF). It is suitable for customers who manage multiple sites.
  • Platinum: Only $ 28.50/month. This is the best choice for large websites.


  • Easy to installation through just 1 click
  • More than 10.000 themes to choose and they are totally free
  • Compatible to both tablet device and mobile
  • Your own HTML and code

Web Hosting

StableHost web hosting coupons

All packages:

This is one of the most StableHost outstanding tools. Like WordPress hosting service, this solution has three different packages which are Starter, Pro, and Premium. Especially, you can enjoy StableHost coupons with 50% OFF for the first billing period applied for Starter and Pro plans. Just remember to use code: 50OFFYEAR1 when you checkout. 


  • Unlimited Disk Space and Bandwidth
  • SpamExperts Spam Filtering
  • Support Methods: 24/7/365 through email, phone, message feature
  • VIP Support, SiteBuilder
  • Script Troubleshooting
  • DDoS Protection – 2Gbit/s
  • Hacked / Compromised Repair

Reseller Hosting


  • Only $ 9.12 per month
  • cPanel, R1Soft, 20GB Disk Space, Unlimited Bandwidth
  • LiteSpeed PHP Caching, Host up to 10 clients, Online Web Builder, SSD Drives


  • $ 18.29 per month
  • Online Web Builder, 40GB Disk Space, R1Soft, SSD Drives
  • Host up to 50 clients, Unlimited Bandwidth, LiteSpeed PHP Caching, cPanel


  • Only $ 27.45 per month
  • cPanel, 60GB Disk Space, R1Soft, SSD Drives
  • Online Web Builder, Host up to 100 clients, LiteSpeed PHP Caching, Unlimited Bandwidth

VPS Hosting


  • $9.12 per month
  • 1024 MB RAM, 2 TB Transfer, 1 Core CPU
  • 1000 Mbit Network, 40 GB Storage


  • $13.70 per month
  • 1000 Mbit Network, 60 GB Storage
  • 2048 MB RAM, 2 TB Transfer, 2 Core CPU

VZ 4GB: 

  • $27.45 per month
  • 4096MB RAM, 4 TB Transfer, 4 Core CPU
  • 1000 Mbit Network, 100 GB Storage


  • $54.95 per month
  • 8192 MB RAM, 8 TB Transfer, 6 Core CPU
  • 1000 Mbit Network, 200 GB Storage

VZ 16GB:

  • $109.95 per month
  • 1000 Mbit Network, 300 GB Storage
  • 16384 MB RAM, 16 TB Transfer, 8 Core CPU


StableHost is one of the top hosting vendors today. If you visit StableHost’s website and click on the “StableHost Reviews” section, you will see a lot of positive feedback and comments that come from customers all over the world. This company always supports you 24/7 and listens to all requests carefully. They will help you to build your website with the best features at affordable prices. Just don’t forget to use StableHost coupons, StableHost discount codes, deals, and offers to take instant cashback during purchases. 


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