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When it comes to running a website smoothly and successful, web hosting plays an important role. Let’s find the top quality service at your budget to develop your website most and this is what you can find at Ramnode. Join now to enjoy high-performance Cloud VPS at a lower price plus get an extra 25% Cloud Credit thanks to Ramnode promotional code, coupon code, and promo code.

Who is Ramnode?

                                                                                          Ramnode VPS Hosting

Ramnode was founded in 2012 offering VPS services with the most useful features at affordable prices. They are privately owned to meet and exceed your high expectations n running your website smoothly. With the aim of providing customers with affordable serves with the most powerful features, Ramnode is the right place for you. Shop now and don’t let your budget stop by using our Ramnode promotional code, Ramnode coupon, and Ramnode promo code. Start right now with their various data center locations from Ramnode including New Rork City, Los Angeles, Atlanta, and the Netherlands.

High-Performance Cloud VPS: Prices and Features

Ramnode offers five packages VPS Hosting for customers including KVM, VDS, VZ, Extras, and cPanel Hosting. Now you can get more information on the prices and features of Ramnode Hosting and remember to use Ramnode coupon and Ramnode promotional code to get more money off in your pockets.

The prices of Ramnode VPS Hosting

 Just $3 a month you can start your business you can sign up for one package of Ramnode. It is time for you to log into the Cloud Control Panel and run a new and you only need to add at least $3 in Clough Credit. For the plans is more expensive,  you may pay $160 a month such as VDS Hosting for 8 Dedicated Cores but don’t worry about the price because you can take instant cashback with our Ramnode coupon code and other coupons for Ramnode.

The features of Ramnode VPS Hosting

                                                                               The Features of Ramnode Hosting

Now you can take a look at the features of Ramnode VPS Hosting:


When you talk about the performance of your website, you should know about the loading speed, uptime and other major things that are the reason why performance is one of the most important factors in running a website. Surely, Ramnode will make you satisfied with the 99.99% guarantee of uptime. In addition, you rarely meet any trouble with pure SSD, Ramnode and cached SSD worked very fast.  It is said that Ramnode gives visitors the best experience in using the website smoothly and sleekly.


Not only they are good at performance but also they also offer great hardware and products to meet your budget.

Their OpenStack public cloud is perfect for you to use on may applications. Moreover, with the top-notch hardware, no other company can approach the SSD-Cached nodes and pure SSD nodes.

What are the main features of all VPS plans?

Each VPS will come with the following features:

  • 1Gbps fair share port speed
  • Free DNS hosting
  • SolusVM control panel
  • INSTANT setup
  • Optional DDoS protection for ALL locations

Are you interested in some great features of Ramnode? Let’s shop at your budget by using our Ramnode promotional code, coupon, promo code, and deals.

Extra 25% Cloud Credit and Ramnode promotional code

Extra 25% Cloud Credit

It is a chance for you to get more money off in your pocket with a 25% Cloud Credit Card with code “CLOUD25”. You can start right now to get extra money in your credit.

How does it work? You only need to sign up and then you add at least $5 in Cloud Credit and their system will match it by 25%. In another way, you can understand that add $10 to receive $2.5 in credit. When you add $20  and they will give you $5. Let’s add $100 to get $25.

However, you should remember some notes below:

  • Your credit will be added within 24 hours
  • Only one use per customer
  • It cannot apply for moving general account credit to Cloud.
  • It only applies for KVM and VDS services and you cannot use it for OpenVZ VPS.
  • Hurry up to take a Ramnode promotional code or coupon code to start your savings now on your order.

Why do you use and Ramnode promotional code?

There is no doubt that customers can enjoy a great price on each order of Ramnode VPS hosting service thanks to Ramnode promotional code, coupon, and other Ramnode promo codes. At present, Ramnode gives you a chance with an extra 25% Cloud Credit when you place an order on KVM and VDS packages. Try it now to see differences!

Why should you choose Ramnode?

 Many clients choose Ramnode as the following reasons:

  • High Performace: the best most edge cutting system along with the configuration to make sure that your website site runs fast and smoothly.
  • Great hardware and network: they own all of the US networks and hardware with the multiple 10G uplinks and the IP address to give you the best hosting services.
  • Dedicated Support Team:  they will support all clients to give them the best experience.
  • 99.99% Uptime: They always try to work to help your website run well at least 99.9% uptime.
  • Instant Setup: You can set up easily and fast as soon as RamNode receives its payments. Even more, they will send an email containing all of your VPS information instantly within a few minutes after you place an order.
  • Affordable price: Starting at $3 a month for some plans – it is so great awesome for you to enjoy a perfect service.

Last words

If you are looking for a high-performance Cloud VPS, Ramnode is the right place for you. It provides all features and services to help small business owners run a business successfully. Let’s shop right now without paying a full price through our Ramnode promotional code, Ramnode coupon, and promo code.

Hope you get some useful information and reviews on Ramnode Hosting Services and find the best way to shop at a lower price!

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