GoDaddy WordPress Hosting Review | GoDaddy $1 Hosting, 1 Dollar 

GoDaddy WordPress Hosting Review | GoDaddy $1 Hosting, 1 Dollar 

GoDaddy is one of the most recognizable brands when it comes to domain registers. Besides, this company also provides a wide choice of web kits like web hosting, web builders, accounting, email, digital storage, and online security, and more. Let ‘s check out unbiased information on GoDaddy WordPress hosting review and catch the chance to save bigger with GoDaddy $1 hosting or 1 Dollar GoDaddy hosting.

GoDaddy WordPress Hosting review 

You must feel confusing when deciding to move to “WordPress hosting” services. That is why I wrote this article to give you more information on Web hosting vs WordPress hosting.

To be shorten

  • WordPress is software that can run on any regular shared hosting as well as Linux server with PHP
  • You can access some server resources at an above-average rate while others at a lower rate.
  • WordPress has very predictable problems and needs. It demands regularly updated, not static database-driven, temporary security vulnerabilities.
  • When combining shared hosting services with WordPress hosting service, you will enjoy dedicated support as long with specific WordPress add-on services at an economical rate.
  • ‘WordPress hosting” plan gives further opportunities for marketers and pricing specialists.

For some companies, WordPress hosting plans are great ways to add more value to differentiate from a competitor and hand the cost savings to customers. While for some companies, WordPress hosting plans help increase revenue and decrease costs.

To broaden your business and get more customers, identify your needs and goals. In case you still don’t get the clear answer for your site, check out the detailed GoDaddy WordPress hosting review below to get further information when making your decision.


GoDaddy $1 hosting

Firstly, let’s check out the big advantages that GoDaddy offers with WordPress hosting via Web hosting and dedicated WordPress hosting.

Sticker pricing

As you can see, GoDaddy offers packages with the price beginning at $8.99/mo. There are 4 basic Web hosting packages for you to explore and find out which one is the best for your site. You should know that GoDaddy does run sales and promotions around the year for you to get your ideal packages at a cheaper price. You can take avail of GoDaddy 1 dollar hosting or GoDaddy $1 hosting, and other ideal choices to save your extra coins at the checkout.

GoDaddy is not a specialist in providing hosting services but the company also has many market presences to give a discount on the price. In case you choose a standard web hosting service for your WordPress installation, you don’t have to pay a large amount of money for your purchases.

You can see a wide choice of WordPress hosting plans available at reasonable prices and useful tools. There are 4 basic WordPress hosting plans with the price starting at $6.99.

To make a comparison, it just takes one more dollar to get a standard web hosting plan. But keep in mind that each WordPress hosting plan is just available for 1 site only.

Backend & usability

In case you set up a new website or run your own site, it can be daunting when dealing with dropping-downs, settings, as well as jargon only adds to your site.

Usability, backend design, along with “onboarding” gives a ton of help in this case. For 10 years, GoDaddy has improved its products and services to ensure you can easily run and manage your site. Even when you are struggling with a sprawling product line, GoDaddy still has perfect solutions for you to shop, purchase and finish your project.

GoDaddy WordPress hosting services eliminate your WordPress installation headaches on web hosting. Besides, it provides a great set up to follow your project.

With a fantastic improvement in WordPress hosting plans, GoDaddy gains more and more good points in users, especially beginners.

Product integration 

For people who regularly by domain and email services separately from web hosting including Google Apps for email hosting or NameCheap for long-term domains, GoDaddy WordPress hosting plans offers diversification that allows you to select providers based on a specific product.

In case you have GoDaddy managing your domain name, hosting, and email can give much more convenience to your process. There are numerous people who choose GoDaddy WordPress hosting service to get help and support. Not only you get cheap domains, straightforward email but also you get professional security. Otherwise, you can enjoy bookkeeping and accounting services thanks to GoDaddy.

Additionally, you can access the full gamut of services and combine them all together better. Both your DNS records and futzing with SMTP settings are available as a big advantage to GoDaddy.

Scale and resources 

GoDaddy represents a huge target to reduce security issues on your hosting plan – scale and resources. The big advantage of GoDaddy is it has the scale and resources to help you tackle security problems that smaller hosting providers can’t help. GoDaddy can keep your sites secure from spam and the attacks with their huge scale.

In case GoDaddy wanted to beef up its security product, it simply went and bought the go-to web security company, Sucuri. In case it wanted to beef up WordPress support services, it went and bought WP Curve.

The scale also has a big advantage too. GoDaddy allows you to increase our resources with and deal with the additional load. If there is a mass hack or DDoS attack, GoDaddy does have resources to solve the problem.

Support team

GoDaddy has never stopped improving and developing its products and services, especially customer services. It knows the importance of providing satisfaction to customers. Nowadays, you can get in touch with the professional support team to get help and support 24/7 on all of your trouble while managing or running your GoDaddy WordPress hosting or other plans.

Besides, you can choose to join a conversation with the customer team via chat box, send an email to the customer support department, or via the social networks.

When you are stuck in any troubles, just choose the most suitable to contact the customer support team and get help directly.

Brand recognition and stability

It is no doubt that GoDaddy is one of the most recognizable brands. Even though it is more popular with domain name registrators, it is an iconic brand when it comes to WordPress hosting or shared hosting solutions.

With rich experience in providing hosting plans for thousands of customers around the world, GoDaddy is the best choice for you if you wish to experience stable services.


GoDaddy 1 dollar hosting

Besides, GoDaddy WordPress hosting service also has many disadvantages that you should consider carefully before deciding to go on with any plans.

Total value pricing

As I’ve said above, it does not take you a big amount of money to kick start your online business or blog with GoDaddy WordPress hosting. You only have to pay for recurring service for your plan. It is actually what you are looking for on a hosting plan but in case you wish to get full value for your money, GoDaddy WordPress hosting and WordPress hosting can meet your needs.

There is a limited number of websites and storage space you are getting when purchasing GoDaddy WordPress plans. To make a comparison with unlimited storage space plans you can get.

Besides, even the price is cheap as you see, you can find out poor value when taking a look at the provided features.

Branding, marketing & company culture 

GoDaddy is a big company but it builds its brand with weird “talk about me” ad campaigns and odd market positioning. For example, “CEO shoots elephants” and other bad controversies.

Hosting feature limitations

I’ve said that you will not get all the total value of your packages when making your purchases at GoDaddy. To be detailed, GoDaddy WordPress hosting plans offer tight limits on features.

In comparison with a direct competitor in the WordPress hosting space, you can see a clear difference.

You will get fewer features and tools when getting GoDaddy hosting plans instead of Bluehost and InMotion or SiteGround.

Additionally, you will experience a proprietary setup that leads to email and hosting issues.

Upsells and cross-sells 

At GoDaddy, you will meet up with many upsells and cross-sells throughout your shopping process, building site process, to management. Even though you can get cheap price hosting plan (not the cheapest in the market), you don’t get enough features to manage your site in advance, you don’t get enough storage space to upload your data, photos, and videos, and you don’t get your ideal bandwidth to approach more and more customers.

Besides, GoDaddy promises to provide thousands of free themes. But the trust is you still have to pay for the greatest theme you choose for your site or blog. Of course, you can use free themes, but you will not want an ugly and too simple design of a website when you wish to impress your customers and users.

GoDaddy WordPress hosting FAQs

Can you use WordPress with GoDaddy hosting? 

Yes. It is eligible for you to use a self-hosted version of WordPress with a GoDaddy hosting. Just review and choose between a WordPress hosting package or a Linux hosting package to be compatible with your software. Each package has its own pros and cons, review carefully to pick up the better one for your site/blog.

Which is better WordPress or GoDaddy? 

It depends on your needs to say which one is better between GoDaddy and WordPress, and you can even use both of them together.

Use self-hosted WordPress software on a GoDaddy hosting account to enjoy the most flexibility but a learning curve

Run GoDaddy’s bundled, website builder

Use the “hosted” service. This is a traditional way to run for blogs or websites with heavy-content.

Can I save my budget with GoDaddy $1 hosting? 

Of course, you can save your budget when making your purchases with GoDaddy $1 hosting or GoDaddy $1 WordPress hosting. GoDaddy does wish to bring the most satisfying shopping experience for customers with amazing hosting plans and other web solutions at a discounted price. You only need to explore through the Internet to find out working GoDaddy $1 WordPress hosting or GoDaddy $1 hosting, and other incredible GoDaddy hosting promo codes to apply to your purchases to get your packages fixed for a bargain price.

It is amazing to steal some coins from your order total. Please keep in mind that you can only enjoy your discount in case you meet all the requirements of your selected hosting coupon code. Always remember to check the T&Cs of the discount carefully to make sure you choose the right deal for your purchases.

Last message 

Hope you have found interesting and useful information on GoDaddy WordPress hosting reviews when deciding to choose the most wonderful GoDaddy WordPress hosting solutions. No matter what plan you wish to add to your shopping cart, don’t forget to save your extra coins with GoDaddy $1 hosting or GoDaddy 1 dollar hosting.

Time to make up your mind!

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